WATCH: Pig Takes Flight Trying To Jump Out of Pen, Slams Into the Fence

by Jonathan Howard

Have you ever seen a pig fly? How about jumping into the air like a madman? Well, get ready because you’re about to see one of those. Pigs are smart animals. This viral video just… doesn’t show it. Compared to a lot of farm animals, their intelligence and personality are off the charts. Still, there’s always one in the group that isn’t as sharp as the others.

If there is one thing that I’ve learned by raising chickens and goats and having a little experience with a neighbor’s pigs – no matter where you put them, they want to be somewhere else. For these critters, the grass is always greener. And, I guess in the pigs’ case, the mud is always muddier.

For whatever reason, this pig wanted to get out of the pen and go off somewhere else.

Now, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill pigs, and maybe comparing them to livestock was the wrong thing to do. These are wild hogs, actually. All across the southeast, these invasive animals cause all kinds of damage and problems for residents and farmers.

So, that can explain why these particular animals are acting so insane. They are not used to being penned up and are doing anything they can to get out of there. However, that’s likely not going to happen. Whoever trapped these pigs did a good job and was able to round up a decent number. They will likely be slaughtered and processed if possible for meat.

So, these pigs might not know how to fly, but they damn sure can jump. And they can cause a lot of damage if you don’t have the proper fencing and equipment, they’re going to bash through it.

Dogs Hunt Down Feral Pig

Now, this is the nicer and cleaner side of the feral pig business. By putting them in the fenced-in area, it’s easier to go through and get rid of large numbers at a time. Shooting just one at a time can be time-consuming. Especially when it sends others running.

Meanwhile, there are others that use dogs to help hunt feral hogs. It also isn’t just the United States that has issues with wild pigs. New Zealand is home to not just feral hogs, but also other livestock such as cattle. This has led to somewhat of an industry of hunting these animals.

By using dogs, they are able to get out and track the animals and get to the root of the issue. If you want to see a rough video, you can check it out here. It shows the hunt and the inevitable end of that hunt which is a dead pig. It’s a reality and a necessary one at that.