WATCH: Pod of Dolphins ‘Surfs’ Breaking Wave in Majestic Clip

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Dolphins are amazing to watch in the water, but they happen to be even more amazing when riding a wave in this clip. You can see them doing their own style of surfing right here. It’s quite astounding to see them take off like this. But somewhere in the world, these dolphins happened to catch that wave really well. Take a minute and enjoy this beautiful view.

While these dolphins might send some classic TV fans looking for Flipper reruns, their majestic beauty cannot be denied. Seeing them take to the wave is breathtaking. Sure, the mammal has a blowhole at the top of its head. It needs this to breathe. You’ve seen whales and porpoises with them, too. They use them in the same way as dolphins. The San Diego Zoo offers some additional fun facts about this mammal.

Differences Are High Between Biggest, Smallest Dolphin

These dolphins will have smooth skin, flippers, and even a dorsal fin. Did you know that they have a slender snout that’s long? Well, they do and dolphins have about 100 teeth in there. Toss in a streamlined body to go with all of these things. Now, about that blowhole. It has a flap that opens up to reveal a pair of nostrils. These animals will use them for breathing when they surface from being in the water.

Meanwhile, Animal Fun Facts points out the differences between the smallest and biggest ones. Let’s start out with the biggest one and it’s called an orca. You might also know that mammal as a killer whale. Yep, it falls into the dolphin family. The orca reaches between 20 and 26 feet in length.

Did you know that it can even weigh up to 6 tons? That’s a heavyweight dolphin family member for sure. What about the smallest dolphin? That honor goes to one known as Heaviside’s dolphin. Reportedly, this one reaches a length of 4 feet and weighs 88 pounds. That’s quite a contrast between the two mammals in the books.

Here is some additional dolphin data. They have been known to hunt together. Additionally, there are some members of the dolphin family who will round up fish. They will do this by making some clicking sounds before attacking other animals. Yes, they are social animals. That might be obvious when seeing them interact with humans. But these amazing mammals never seem to slow down at all. Dolphins appear to be always on the move. As you can tell in the video, they are moving and grooving with the wave. Yes, they do get some sleep and are known to float in water while doing so.