WATCH: Pride of Lions Have a Feeding Frenzy With Tourists Mere Feet Away

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Adam Jones)

Nature can be intense as the “circle of life” is constantly in motion. And, the wildlife don’t stop their survival tactics, even if tourists are around notes one recent Nature Is Metal Instagram post showing the moment a hungry pride of lions begins a feeding frenzy as busses of tourists look on just a few feet away.

The Feeding Frenzy Doesn’t Stop Even As Tourists Look On At The Shocking Sight

As the Nature Is Metal Insta video begins we see a male lion walking through the grass, intently focused on something just out of the frame. Soon, however, we learn exactly what it is this lion is headed towards…a yummy meal. The male walks up to a group of female lions as they are feeding on a creature.

A few of the female lions hop out of the way as the male approaches. Eventually, however, everyone is partaking in the feeding frenzy. All while multiple tourists are watching from vehicles only feet away from the carnage.

The Male Lion Has The “Right Of Way” During Meal Time

According to the Nature is Metal Insta post, it is common for some female lions to hop out of the way when a male approaches a feeding frenzy. Even if they are the ones doing the bulk of the hunting.

“Right of Way,” notes the captions along with the Instagram post.

“If things were all fair and square, the females of the pride – who do more of the hunting and providing for this group than the males do – would have a solid argument for getting first dibs on a fresh kill,” the caption notes. “Fair is fair right?”

Well, that’s not how it happens, the caption notes. In a pride of lions it is the males who eat first. “even if they are somewhere else sleeping and suddenly show up like this fella, they get priority,” the caption explains. “Always.”

According to the post, the reason the male lions get this privilege is because the “safety of the pride, with special emphasis on the young ones, rests solely on the shoulders of the males.”

“The females, while capable of mounting a defense, are not a match when it comes to fighting off a coalition of male lions looking to take over a pride,” notes the Nature Is Metal Insta post.

“The attacking males will not necessarily kill the females either, because they are needed to sire new cubs,” the message explains. “The males and all the males’ children are the prime targets in any changing of the guard, and these attacks can happen at any time, so even if keeping the maned one fed takes food out of someone else’s mouth, the sacrifice is worth it.”