WATCH: Pride of Hungry Lions Climb Tree to Steal Kill From Unfortunate Leopard

by Jonathan Howard

In the outdoors, nothing is safe. Even if you are a big leopard, there might be a lion lurking just around the corner, ready to take what’s yours. A leopard thought it had the catch of the day when it landed on this gazelle. However, a pride of lions came in to reclaim the prize. This went from good to bad really quickly.

Why worry about hunting your own food when you can just take food from someone else? It takes a lot of the work out of the situation. These lions decided to work smarter, not harder. Tough day for the leopard in the end, but that life out in the wild.

Nature Is Metal shared the video on Instagram, and it shows quite the scene.

“As you can see, [lions] can certainly get up with the right motivation, but they are clumsy and awkward in the way they go about it. You could chalk this up to inexperience – which is definitely a factor – but I feel it could also have something to do with their weight.” The post went on to talk about the differences between leopards and lions when it comes to climbing trees.

Leopards use their advantage in the trees to keep their food from these larger and stronger predators. However, there are times when a group of lions can turn the tables like this and leave the poor leopard with nothing to eat.

The lion remains the king of the jungle. It cannot be defeated. And when a pride works together like this, what could possibly get in their way? These beasts should be feared and never messed with.

Man Killed by Lions While Trying to Steal From Zoo

In case you weren’t aware, even lions in captivity are killing machines. For one man in Ghana, that threat wasn’t apparent enough. In an attempt to snatch a lion cub, the man met a terrible death. Momma came out and mauled the man to death. No harm came to the lions which include a male, a female, and two cubs.

After an attack like this, officials have to do their best to calm the animals down. It unlocks something in them to have a live meal. Even in a zoo setting, these animals are predators at the end of the day and are looking for any chance to put their skills on display.

Look, don’t jump into zoo enclosures. I know that shouldn’t have to be said, but just to make sure. Let’s keep all hands feet and other body parts where they are supposed to be. That way we won’t get any more maulings like this. Just an unnecessary event in the grand scheme of things.