WATCH: Puma Casually Walks Into Goat Pen, Leaps Fence With Frantic Goat

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Dennis Fast / VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Pumas are fierce creatures, a fact we know well. But, who knew that this apex predator can get even cooler, showing off some impressive jiu-jitsu-like skills, leaping over a gate while taking down a goat for a late-night snack? Well, at least this puma featured in a recent Nature Is Metal Insta post can get to this level of fierceness.

Did The Goats Even See This Killer Cat Coming?

In this recent Insta post, Nature Is Metal shares some camera footage depicting the moment a sneaky puma walked into a goat pen, intent on finding a delicious meal for the night. The puma walks in as if it belongs in this building. It saunters over, heading straight for the unsuspecting prey.

The goats soon get a glimpse of the approaching danger, and they all flee further into the pen as fast as they can. However, the animals have put themselves in a predicament, ultimately trapping themselves in a corner giving the puma an easy hunting opportunity. And, with a buffet of frantic goats to choose from, the puma soon makes its selection, grabbing the animal before fleeing the area.

This is when a wild moment gets even wilder… the puma’s escape is an impressive one as it leaps effortlessly over the gate, goat secured tightly in the predator’s jaws. The goat is fighting hard to get away, but the puma isn’t letting up on anything…and the goat is effectively done for.

This Hunting Puma Highlights The Need For Predator Control In Some Areas

The caption in the Insta post notes that this video highlights the very reason why predator control is important in certain areas. However, the caption on this Nature Is Metal video notes that the answer likely lies somewhere in the in-between of hunting predators and supporting the thriving of any species.

“[This] is the reason hunters stress the need for predator control,” the caption notes. “[Because] without it these types of encounters become more frequent,” the message continues.

The caption goes on to note that while this theory isn’t one they disagree with, the possibility of “wiping species off the face of the earth doesn’t help anyone either.” This is a fate, the Nature Is Metal Insta page notes, that wolves in the US suffered long ago.

“If I were this farmer I wouldn’t be happy about losing goats,” the caption continues. However, the comment notes they wouldn’t be “hiring John Wick of puma hunters to kill every last one of them either.”

“There must be a happy medium we can agree on,” the caption concludes. “I’m just a guy with an Instagram account that likes watching animals in survival situations.”