WATCH: Purple-Glossed Snake Wraps Itself Around Rival, Starts to Swallow It Whole

by Jonathan Howard
Getty Images

In the great outdoors, there are no such things as friends, at least most of the time. And a snake is a snake, no matter what. Sometimes you see something in nature that makes you stop and think. That’s exactly what this video does. One moment you think it’s two friends in the wild. Then… meal time.

Reptiles are cold-blooded in more than one way. This purple-glossed snake proved it when it attacked this poor blind snake. These little guys are really just giant worms. And they have really cute little faces! But that isn’t going to do anything against its venomous opponent.

In the post, Nature Is Metal said, “The venom of the purple-glossed snake is nothing to phone home about, but it works wonders on the small victims of its predatory advances.” That’s loud and clear after this video. This blind snake didn’t stand a chance.

The video looks like one of those cute “look at these unlikely friends” type things. Then the purple-glossed snake decided to strike. You can almost see the snake make the decision to strike. When a meal slithers right in front of you, you gotta make the most of it. A nice and easy kill and this reptile doesn’t have to worry about eating for quite a while after.

Purple-glossed snakes are found in Africa and there are nine known species.. These animals aren’t usually eating other serpents. But they are known to eat small lizards, rodents, and pretty much any animal it thinks they can kill and swallow.

Snake Drains Entire Cup of Water

One thing that is always fun to see is animals doing things that we don’t usually get to see them do. That can range from being playful to mating rituals, and sometimes just a little sip of water can be a joy to see. When it comes to snakes, no one thinks about what they do when they get thirsty.

However, just like all living things, snakes have to eat and drink just the same. While it might not be something you can picture in your mind, we have a video so you don’t have to. It’s wild to see, but this python just drains this cup of water in seconds. This python would fit right in at a frat house.

This snake has its entire head in the water and just goes to town.

Nature is wild. Just when you think you know all you need to know a video comes out to prove you wrong and teach you something else. So, get out in the outdoors and try to get your own experience. You never know what you’re going to see just outside your door, Outsiders.