WATCH: Python Squeezes Man’s Hand and Arm After Hunter Grabbed It by the Head

by Shelby Scott

A rookie snake hunter had a nerve-wracking experience while in the Everglades last week when he locked in a battle with a pissed-off Burmese python. A video shows the man successfully grabbing ahold of the large, greenish-yellow reptile’s tail. Moments later, he also manages to grab her head without getting bitten. However, the tables suddenly turned when the hunter became the hunted. Footage from the hunt shows the female python wrapping herself around the hunter’s arm and beginning to squeeze.

Martin County, Florida animal trapper Mike Kimmel, known as the Python Cowboy on social media, attended the excursion on September 16th. Along with several others, he went hunting for Burmese pythons. According to The State, the Burmese python is an invasive species in FL wetlands, and officials encourage their removal.

Speaking to viewers, Kimmel said, “Every python hunt is not successful. It’s really hard work [and] a lot of time and effort goes into it, especially when out here huntin’ these islands. It’s brutal.”

Based on footage from one of the Python Cowboy’s latest hunts though, brutal is an understatement.

After the hunter snags the massive snake, he does what he can to try and uncoil it from his arm. However, his efforts are unsuccessful. Nailbiting moments go by as the brightly-colored reptile coils herself around his hand then his wrist then his arm.

Kimmel, waiting to help the young hunter, is heard in the background: “You want help? Let me know. Can you unravel her?”

Doing what he can to free himself, the man replies, “No, she’s strong.”

Per the outlet, Burmese pythons are powerful creatures, growing, on average between 6 to 8 feet in length. Additionally, this species of snake is capable of constricting with an average of 7 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Fortunately, with Kimmel’s help, the newbie python hunter manages to free his hand. The hunters then “put down” the snake upon arriving back at their boat.

South African Rock Python Swallows Entire Impala Whole

If you were impressed by the sheer strength of Florida’s Burmese python, you’ve seen nothing yet. Across the ocean, a South African rock python, the largest in the country, was captured on video swallowing a much larger impala whole.

Overall, the entirety of the clip is incredible as viewers take in scenes filled with a pride of lions, a pair of white rhinos, and an entire herd of water buffalo. However, the last few moments of the video hone in on a massive South African rock python mid-meal.

For long minutes, viewers squirm in their seats as the fanged predator slowly gorges itself on the dead herbivore. But how is this even possible? It has to do with their jaw structure. While our own jaws interlock and connect to our skulls and, by extension, our skeleton, the python’s jaws are connected by ligaments. And it’s this fact that enables the snack to “unhinge” its jaws and consume much larger prey.

Aside from the impala seen in the clip, South African rock pythons are bold hunters. They will also consume antelope, guinea fowl, fish, monitor lizards, and even crocodiles.