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WATCH: Raccoon Runs Wild in Texas High School Cafeteria

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Christopher Winton-Stahle)

It was no ordinary day at one Texas high school earlier this week when students in the cafeteria were surprised by a very unexpected guest. In a recently released viral video, we see a clip of a wayward raccoon running about the Texas high school’s cafeteria. More than likely this wandering nocturnal mammal was on the hunt for some delicious lunchtime snacks!

The Curious Racoon Invades The Texas High School Cafeteria

It was an ordinary Monday at a Texas high school recently when a raccoon found its way inside the cafeteria. This unexpected visitor ended up shocking students, staff, and faculty alike. The sighting was confirmed by Sam Buchmeyer, a Grand Prairie Independent School District spokesperson.

And, thankfully, someone in the cafeteria was thinking ahead, capturing the crazy moments on video. All as the animal runs between the cafeteria’s tables, darting back and forth. It becomes very clear that this nocturnal visitor is uncertain about where it needs to go. Especially in order to find their way back outside.

Campus Staff Worked To Corral The Wandering Animal, Leading It Out Of The School’s Lunchroom

According to Buchmeyer, members of the Grand Prairie Independent School District were pulled into the high school to help wrangle the wayward raccoon. Eventually, the animal was released off-campus.

“They came in and worked with campus staff to corral the little guy,” Buchmeyer explains in a discussion with The Dallas Morning News.

“Then they took him off campus and released him,” he adds.

A Crafty Critter Swipes Some Goodies At A Philadelphia Airport

A raccoon at a Philadelphia airport has gone viral recently when it is caught on tape pulling off a hilarious heist. The clip which was shared on TikTok recently shows the raccoon sneaking some candy out from behind a counter. And we can’t get over how hilariously cute it all is.

The video shows the raccoon as it reaches through a cutout in the counter. It soon becomes clear that this animal has a plan. It is intent on grabbing a large pack of Twizzlers, it seems. Something the animal does with the finesse of an expert.

“I just watched another [TikTok] where a baby raccoon fell out of the ceiling at an airport & mama came to get it,: one TikToker notes. “Wonder if it’s the same place.”

“This is so Philly,” another commenter writes in the comments.

“Could not be more on brand,” another viewer agrees. Of course, some commenters had to make quips about the nocturnal mammal missing its flight…and even being “polite” for only swiping one pack of candy.