WATCH: Raccoon Suddenly Appears as Man Films Intense Battle Between Two Cottonmouths

by Jonathan Howard

Out in the great outdoors, you never know what you might see. Just when this person thought they were filming snakes, a raccoon joins in. Filming things in nature can be exciting and very rewarding. You might wait around all day for the perfect shot, and then it gets made even more perfect.

Just as these cottonmouths were fighting or getting a swirling, mating ball going, an intruder made his way by. There are no highways, in the formal sense, out in the wild. But animals definitely have their own patterns and areas they pass through. This raccoon was coming through an area where he likely thought he could get food and water or was on the way to somewhere that does.

Just check this out for yourself.

The wilderness of North Carolina is full of all kinds of critters and wonders. These animals were just on the same path at about the same time. The raccoon was able to skitter away by minding its own business. Not like these snakes had any interest in messing with the mammal traveler.

This video makes me want to strap a GoPro onto a raccoon and just see what he sees. Imagine what other strange things the little guy happened to pass by in his daily routine. That would be some solid footage.

What is so great about raccoons is the personalities they seem to have. From the thick forests to neighborhood bandits, these creatures have some spunk in them. When they are fighting for their lives out in the wild, with no convenient trash cans around – then things get serious.

Raccoon Goes Sleuth Mode, Gets Busted

It wasn’t long ago when a clip came out of a raccoon going 007 and sneaking up to an eagle’s nest. Colorado Parks and Wildlife had a live stream of the event. Raccoons don’t usually go for such high-stakes meals, but this little critter must be built differently. The trek was fruitful, as the raccoon was able to come away with eaglet FSV45.

“The camera showed a raccoon scaling to the top of the nest tree and grabbing the older, larger of the two eaglets from the nest around 7 p.m.,” CPW said. “Wildlife officer Grooms was able to collect what remained from the carcass and delivered it to CPW’s Wildlife Health Lab, where officials will submit it for testing of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza.”

Nature is brutal and not for the light of heart. It can be beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. When it comes to life, sometimes you’re the raccoon just minding your business and slipping by the snakes in the water. Then, other times, you can be the one climbing up to an eagle nest and getting a tasty and rare meal for yourself.