WATCH: Radio Host Passes Out in Fear During Spider Segment

by Taylor Cunningham
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Australian radio show Hughesy, Ed, and Erin Show is making headlines after one of its hosts passed out while holding a spider during a segment on arachnophobia.

Namesake presenter Erin Molan agreed to participate in that day’s special despite suffering from the phobia herself. In a now-viral clip shared on the show’s Instagram page, the brave Molan tries her best to let a tarantula crawl on her hand. But she’s now able to overcome her fear.

A handler attempts to talk Molan through the process, who is visibly terrified. She moans, fidgets, and paces as the arachnid near her. And she lets the audience know what’s going to happen.

“We’re about to have spiders put on us,” she says.

Another host, who is also visibly horrified by the segment, goes first. And she manages to let the spider crawl on her arm and hand for a few seconds before the handler scoops it back up and moves on to Molan.

When Molan realizes the inevitable is coming, she has a brief panic attack and lets out a blood-curdling scream, which makes the handler hesitant to let her participate.

“If you wanna stop, we can stop. If you don’t feel comfortable, that is not a problem,” he assures her. “The most important thing is that you feel safe and that you feel comfortable.”

But Molan doesn’t back down.

Radio Show Assures Fans That its Host Has Recovered From Her Spider-Induced Panic Attack

The handler tells Molan to “stay calm” and “breathe” as he begins to offer her the spider. And she actually lets the arachnid crawl onto her hand. But when it touches her, she begins to get weak. And the next thing we see is her falling to the ground.

“We need to go to a break, go to a break, absolutely. We need to go to a break,” co-host Hughesy shouts before a crew member tells “everyone to get out of the studio.” While the room breaks out in a sort of chaos, we can hear a retching sound coming from the floor where Molan lies.

Luckily, Molan wakes up, and “five minutes later,” she’s feeling perfectly well, but she is a bit embarrassed as she apologizes to her fellow arachnophobe who held the tarantula before her.

After earning so much attention, the radio show decided to post an update letting fans know that Erin Molan has rebounded from her terrifying encounter and that the producers are proud of her for facing her fear.

“BRAVE,” the show wrote. “Massive thanks to everyone for their kind words.” And support quickly came pouring in.

“Erin, you did absolutely amazing! ” the handler wrote. “We cannot wait to come back with some cuter animals for you to cuddle and enjoy.”

“It’s a very scary challenge, no need to feel awful about it,” added a fan. “So many of us have fear in all situations.”