WATCH: Rare Footage of Wolverine Hunting Surfaces in Montana

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Jean-Claude Sch. / 500px)

Rare footage has recently emerged, depicting a wolverine as it goes on the hunt for a snack out in the wild. In a newly recorded video, we see the wolverine living its best life as it explores the great Outdoors. The Wolverine is running, swimming, jumping, and, of course, on the hunt near Montana’s Ajax Peak. It’s a sneak peek into a very rare sight showing us just how athletic and tireless these creatures can be!

The wolverine is shown in the clip, absolutely uninhibited by the idea that someone is watching it. As a result, the footage gives us a sneak peek into the predator’s habits while roaming the wilderness. The video begins as the animal swims across a body of water, gliding in the current showing off the animal’s impressive swimming skills.

As the wolverine makes landfall, jumping and running over rocks on the side of a hill, a young deer also comes into focus. The two are very aware of each other.

However, it’s hard to tell, initially, if anything will come of this encounter. The wolverine hangs back a bit, concealing itself in the rocks. The deer clearly hears something stirring in that direction. As the deer walks towards the area where the wolverine is sitting, it abruptly stops and perks its ears…trying to find the source of the movement.

The Video Was Filmed From A Distance, But It Remains A Very Clear Glimpse Into The Wildlife Activity

The clip lasts just over three minutes. Ending with the deer doing just what the wolverine did in the beginning…swimming effortlessly through the water. Looking at the deer as it glides through the currents we almost wonder why we don’t see deer swimming more often! It’s something that certainly comes naturally to this animal!

The video is a little shaky as it moves around, first following the wolverine and later the deer. It’s very likely the footage was filmed from a distance. You can’t get footage like this by making yourself known to the wildlife. The footage however is crystal clear in much of the clip. Giving us one of the best wolverine encounters we have seen to date.