WATCH: Rare Sighting of Pregnant Black Bear Captured on Infrared Trail Cam

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

It’s not every day that you see a pregnant black bear frolicking around on a TV screen, but we’ve got one for you right here. This bear is captured on an infrared trail cam walking back and forth. We don’t know exactly what this bear was looking for but could we assume it might be food? After all, if this bear is taking care of business for more than one bear, then hunger pains may be present.

This might look cute but we would not want to be too close to this mama bear. You never know what will be going on in her world. And heaven forbid anyone gets in her way while she’s looking for some food. Again, we don’t know if this is what is going on here. But we’d think that it would be wise to be on the lookout.

Black Bear Gets Stuck In Tree In California

Now, have you ever heard about a bear getting stuck in a tree? It happens and it sure did in a California tree. But it’s a good thing that firefighters were able to come out for the rescue. Let’s try to break down the situation a little bit more for you. A black bear was wandering in a neighborhood of Redding, California. News outlet KRCR said that the bear would make its way up a nearby tree and end up getting stuck. There were reports of people who live in the area seeing the bear in a residential area.

This led to officials coming onto the scene. When they got there, the authorities would tranquilize the bear in question. Now, this usually spells the end of such situations. Not in this case. While the bear was all shot up with tranquilizers, it just went to sleep. A Redding Fire Department truck crew showed up with a ladder. It helped them get the bear out of the tree.

Thankfully, there was a happy ending to that story. But there is more black bear news to share with you. Recently, a hunter in a hunting stand had a visitor. Yep, it was a black bear. But the hunter would stay insanely still at this pressure-packed moment. All of this pans out during a TikTok video. This hunter tells the bear to get down while it’s gnawing on the ladder. Talk about something that would make most people nervous! We can hear the hunter say, “That’s right, oh, you’re going to fall. Its legs are swinging. Oh, my God, you are funny. Look at his mouth. Oh, you are going to get so stuck in there. Your a–- is too big.”