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WATCH: Rattlesnake Rescued From Arizona Topgolf Ball Dispenser

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Roland Weihrauch/picture alliance via Getty Images)

One Arizona diamondback rattlesnake decided to hang out with some golf balls recently as it made itself at home within a golf ball dispenser at a Topgolf location.

It sounds like an urban legend of sorts, a snake slithering into a spot like a golf ball dispenser. However, it is anything but an urban legend at this Scottsdale, Arizona Topgolf. A video of the wild moment shows the diamondback rattlesnake hanging out in the dispenser. The slithery serpent wasn’t stuck, either, so it posed quite a threat to unsuspecting golfers.

Staff At The Arizona Topgolf Call In Professionals To Remove the Diamondback Rattlesnake

Thankfully, this particular Topgolf location wasn’t yet open for the day when this unexpected visitor was spotted. So, there weren’t any customers who were unlucky enough to grab a snake’s head instead of a golf ball. The employees at the Arizona business decided to call in the big guns, getting ahold of professionals at Rattlesnake Solutions to remove the serpent from the Scottdale business.

Snake catcher Marissa Maki from Rattlesnake Solutions was the one to respond to the call, fishing the snake out of the dispenser using a long pole. The reptile was found in the machine coiled up, It is estimated to be about 3 feet long.

“I’ve actually gotten a rattlesnake at this same Topgolf before,” the rattlesnake handler says.

“And coworkers of mine have removed some as well,” Marissa Maki continues.

“It is surrounded by desert,” the expert adds of this location. “So you are in their habitat,” Maki noted, adding that this certainly isn’t an unusual spot to find an animal such as this one.

The Animal Was Hanging Out in the Golfball Dispenser for a Short Period of Time

Staff at the Scottsdale Topgolf location report seeing the rattlesnake slither across the greens, vanishing into the machine that morning, the rattlesnake experts explain. So, this serpent was only in the golf ball dispenser for a short period.

But, social media is still loving all of the joke opportunities this surreal story has provided. Among these is the fact that the responding snake handler got a hole-in-one when fishing this animal out of the ball dispenser.

“Don’t reach into a hole on a golf course in AZ,” another commenter quips. “You never know what is in there.”

Western diamondbacks are native to Arizona, officials note. They average around 3 feet to five feet in length. However, a few of these venomous rattlers have been found measuring as big as 7 feet.