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WATCH: Red-Tailed Hawk Soars in, Attacks Unsuspecting Chicken

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

A silkie chicken was (literally) hit with a rude awakening when it wandered out of its coop into a beautiful snowy landscape—and was attacked by a hungry red-tailed hawk. Viral footage shows the red-tailed hawk swooping down into the pen and latching onto the chicken, its wings flapping as it gets a better hold on its prey.

Per the video caption, what makes the hawk’s attack even more impressive is, “That move up and over the fence, the transition twist from inverted into full on attack position. So damn cool.”

Viewers had similar reactions.

“That was sick!!!!!” one person wrote. “Damn Hawks are awesome predators.”

Another added, “Never seen a hawk changing directions that fast! Impressive.”

One other viewer joked, “Can’t even go on a walk without someone wanting a leg, breast, or thigh. Being a chicken is tough, I tell ya.”

Red-Tailed Hawk Makes Miraculous Recovery After Collision with Truck

Unfortunately, not all red-tailed hawks are as nimble as the predator in the clip above. In a prior incident, one red-tailed hawk miraculously made a full recovery after crashing into the grill of a truck.

In September, Jeff Brown, a Wildlife Naturalist for the PAWS Wildlife Center near Seattle, spoke out about the bird’s recovery. Recalling its rescue from the grill of the involved vehicle, he said. “It was unable to fly, it was hemorrhaging from its mouth. Pretty dramatic to see what it looked like before it was rescued and removed from the grill.”

Fortunately, he said despite the impact of the red-tailed hawk’s collision with the truck, his injuries were relatively minimal.

Brown said, “Really it just had a lot of bruising around its spine, so our staff just made sure that we managed its pain.”

10 days later, the rescue’s efforts paid off.

Not long after the rescue, the wildlife naturalist shared, “we started noticing it started taking some short flights, and we were pretty excited about that.”

Finally, initial testing proved positive enough that the red-tailed hawk was able to be released back into the wild. What made the hawk’s rescue even more gratifying for its saviors is that it rapidly found a partner.

“It was another adult Red-Tail Hawk, they flew next to each other, they started vocalizing,” Brown continued. “One would land in a tree, the other would land next to it…that was pretty cool.”

Given the hawk’s miraculous recovery, Brown encouraged Outsiders nationwide to bring animals struck by vehicles to animal care facilities, regardless of their condition. He explained, “An animal that is hit by a vehicle is not necessarily dead, or it’s not a death sentence. We are able to rehabilitate them successfully.”