WATCH: Reptile Handler Chases Monitor Lizard Through Australian Cafe

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It’s not every day you see a skilled reptile handler outwitted by a yellow-spotted monitor lizard. However, that’s nearly what happened when one man was called to capture one after it invaded an Australian cafe. Footage of the unusual encounter, which sees the handler jumping, diving, and wrestling with the scaley beast, can be found below.

According to UPI, the encounter took place earlier this month. It sees Australian reptile wrangler, Drew Godfrey, pursuing the yellow-spotted monitor lizard around the cafe. Per the outlet, Godfrey is the owner of Hervey Bay Snake Catchers. Recalling the incident, the reptile wrangler said he was called to a block in Urruween, Queensland. He’d received multiple reports of a monitor lizard roaming the area nearby.

Godfrey shared in his Facebook post that there’s actually a longer video following the entire reptile wrangle. But the snake catcher still performs several trapping tactics before finally catching the monitor lizard in the clip above. We first find him attempting to grab the animal in a flower bed outside of the cafe nearby. The lizard eludes him though and races inside, sending some diners and employees scattering.

He first tries to pull the creature out from under a table before it slithers beneath the cafe counter. Bystanders laugh as Godfrey slides across the floor on his stomach in an attempt to grab the monitor lizard by the tail.

Fortunately, in the end, things panned out okay, with Godfrey able to grab the monitor lizard and hold it by its tail and the back of its neck as it calms down.

“He won’t hurt you,” the reptile wrangler assures bystanders, “he’s just trying to run away, that’s all.”

Reflecting on the incident, Godfrey wrote on Facebook, “It’s bloody hilarious. I think I physically completed more athletic events than an Olympian to get [the monitor lizard]. There was running, diving, and of course wrestling!”

Pair of Fighting Monitor Lizards Appears to be Embracing

Thanks to snake catcher Drew Godfrey, we now know what to expect if we ever decide to tango with a yellow-spotted monitor lizard. But what happens when two monitor lizards go toe to toe? Well, it’s certainly a brawl we’d like to see. Footage from Thailand last month reveals that when monitor lizards fight, they almost appear to wrap one another in a hug.

Reared up on their hind legs, the clip sees two large monitor lizards battling for territory on a busy roadway.

According to the post from NowThis, the pair of lizards held up traffic in the area for 30 minutes before finally deciding to take their dispute elsewhere. Reflecting on what he saw, the driver and videographer said, “I thought they were boyfriends and girlfriends at first but then someone told me they were actually fighting.”

That being the case, we’re extremely curious to know which of the monitor lizards earned the title, “winner.”