WATCH: Rescue Crew Uses Crane to Free Moose From Utah Canal

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

If you have not seen a moose rescued from a canal by way of a crane lately, then we have you covered right in this viral video. In Utah, officials would get together and help take a moose back to safety. Now, you can see the video right here. We have a few more details about this, thanks to Fox13Now in Salt Lake City.

Reportedly, a young bull moose happened to get stuck in an irrigation canal. It was located near Vernal, according to the Utah Conservation Officers Association. Well, this would bring out individuals ranging from biologists to officers. They were from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Moose Goes Back Into A Mountain

While they all gathered, a few of them probably pondered how to get the moose back home safely. Well, someone would come up with the idea to use a crane. In the three-plus-minute-long video, you can see the crane working to lift the moose out. The crane does the job quite well. As you can tell, the moose gets sedated a bit. Then, officials take it out of the canal. All of this happened on Friday in northeastern Utah.

The association would write, “A big shout out and thank you to the members of the community that donated their time and equipment to help DWR save this moose!” Reportedly, this moose was tranquilized and loaded onto a trailer. Officials would take the moose back up a mountain and ultimately release it back into the wild.

Officials Will Learn From This Situation

Not every day will you see a rescue situation like this one break down. Moose getting loose as this one did does not also happen a lot in the Beehive State, Utah. But when something like this does happen, it does make for an exciting situation. Officials will handle these moments in their own way. Why do you think this animal ended up in the canal? He probably got lost and could not find his way home. Even humans have problems with getting lost at times as well. Moose don’t have a handy GPS system to help them out. Still, the fact that Utah authorities were able to rescue and take him back home is good news.

Hopefully, should this happen again, Utah officials will be able to use the same solution to a problem. Moose are fascinating animals to see. These people happened to get an up-close-and-personal view themselves. They happened to handle this situation really well. Maybe other state officials will be watching and learning from this moment, too. People are never too old to learn new tricks. When it comes to a moose, any trick will help.