WATCH: Rescuers Cut Massive Humpback Whale Free From Shark Net

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)

A 26-foot humpback whale was reportedly rescued from a shark net just off off Australia’s Gold Coast. This is notably the most recent rescue of multiple whales that have been caught in the nets over the past few months.

According to CBS News, the humpback whale’s head was caught in the shark net. Luckily, it did not take long for crews from both Sea World and the Queensland Fisheries Marine Animal to team up and disentangle the large fish from the nets. 

The now humpback whale rescue viral video showed how the rescued managed to save the large animal quickly without hurting it. “That’s definitely not in the mouth; it’s just barnacles,” one of the rescuers stated. “Yeah get the tone – the one on that side. That’s it. Get that guy. Now up and under. Try to get that one that’s flat on its own. Yeah, there we go. Here we go. No wait, wait, wait. Wait wait, wait. Let’s go on. Get it all off. Yes! Yes! It’s all off!” 

Local media outlets also revealed that at least eight humpback whales have been caught in shark nets over the past four months. Although many had been tangled in the nets for hours, it was reported that it took a 45- minute mission to rescue the latest whale.  

Sea World Shares More Details About the Latest Humpback Whale Rescue From Shark Nets 

While speaking about the latest humpback whale rescue, Sea World revealed that the team that was dispatched to the scene used specialized cutting equipment to remove all of the nettings from the whale’s head. 

“We would like to thank the community for calling these events in,” Sea World further explained. “These rescue efforts are extremely dangerous with the teams dealing with large animals weight up to 30 tonnes and mixed with sea and weather conditions.”

Meanwhile, animal rescue teams reportedly warned surfers from helping them with the humpback whale rescue.  According to ABC Net, the public got to the scene just before the crews did and had paddled out to where the animal was struggling. One person, named Rodney, stated he and another surfer approached the animal. They began untangling it from the net. “There are a few good citizens around,” he said. “So we thought we would lend a hand.” 

However, the other surfer, named Fabian, admitted that the situation became difficult really fast. “We were just a little wary not to stress him out too much,” he explained. “But [it was] the right result in the end when Sea World got there.” 

Rodney further explained that when Sea World approached the scene, they were directed to move on from the area. “Then the other boats [Sea World] turned up and basically pushed us away… But they were really nice to us.”