WATCH: Rhino Gets Whipped Around a Full 360° After Being Struck by Huge Truck

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Boniface Muthoni/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Here in the United States, one of our biggest concerns while driving—in rural and urban areas alike—is hitting a deer. Slam into a deer on the highway at 60 to 70 miles per hour and there’s a good chance you’ll at least need to replace some parts on your car, if not your entire grill. However, drivers in India have an even bigger issue to contend with and that’s road-crossing rhinos. A viral video captures the moment a truck absolutely nails a full-grown rhino and completely turns the massive animal a full 360°. Check out the insane encounter below.

Aside from literally turning the massive animal on its heel, what’s even more impressive about the video is that the truck doesn’t appear to sustain any damage. In fact, aside from careening into the other lane, the truck continues on its way, maintaining the speed it had been going before it collided with the rhino.

The rhino, on the other hand, sustained much of the impact, struggling to find its footing and even losing its balance as it makes its way back into the foliage alongside the road. Viewers, shocked at the encounter, took to the comments to share their reactions.

One viewer joked, “rhino had some unfinished beef,” while another said, “He f—ed around and found out.”

Moral of the story here, I suppose, is that the next time you find yourself driving down an India back road, make sure you’re behind the wheel of a semi because you’re bound to be on the losing end of the competition if you’re struck by one of these massive beasts in anything smaller.

Rhino Claims Victory Over Hippo in Captivating Footage

Okay, so you’ve seen how a rhinocerous would fare against a truck traveling along a relatively unpopular road. However, how would these massive beasts fare against the most deadly animal in the world—the hippopotamus?

While these creatures are both dense in mass, they boast distinct advantages over one another, making a battle between them truly fascinating.

Hippos are extremely heavy, powerful beasts. With foot-long incisors, dangerously sharp canines, and a max weight of 9,000 pounds, these animals are nothing to scoff at. Still, the rhino has a pretty stacked tool belt as well. Though the white rhino weighs significantly less than a hippopotamus, they have several other advantages that render their weight insignificant. Most prominent is the two-foot-long weapon protruding from their snouts, which they use in fending off a variety of threats. However, they’re also infamous for their charge, capable of running up to 30 miles per hour. On top of it all, they have ridiculously tough hides, which, in the case of an attacking hippo, would make it extremely hard to take down a full-grown rhino.

Captivating footage of one rhino/hippo encounter proves that, of the two, the rhino claims victory nearly every time.