WATCH: Rhode Islanders Stunned as Flooding Completely Washes Out Streets

by Joe Rutland

Flooding is hitting Rhode Island pretty hard right now and one person decided to get some video evidence of it. This is some heavy-duty flooding and it’s no laughing matter. This viral video indicates just how bad it is on the streets there. You can see some people push a car out of the flooded street. Another car appears to be stuck in the rain. Flooding like this might take place in other areas of the United States regularly. Rhode Islanders are not part of that group. Well, take a look at what this person shot with his camera on Monday. It’s quite a sight to see.

According to a report from NECN, that heavy rainfall has been coming down throughout the southern New England region. Monday may be Labor Day and a holiday for many people, but it was not a day for fun. There have been several flash flood warnings throughout the Rhode Island area.

Flash Flooding Still Affects Rhode Island Region

This would include Bristol, Kent, and Providence counties, according to this report. Travel is having a major impact from the rain. As you can tell by the streets in this video, localized flooding remains a problem. Look for low-lying areas to even get more potential damage due to this rainfall.

Once it starts to hit an area, additional rainfall becomes quite a problem. Families might be used to showers and an occasional thunderstorm. Handling this intense amount of rain is quite different. Reports also indicate that, as of Monday afternoon, there is major flash flooding taking place in the cities of Providence and Cranston.

Roads look impassible in this video. Sadly, there are more roads in Rhode Island that are dealing with this situation. Reports from the Rhode Island State Police and the Rhode Island Department of Transportation bring more issues to light. There reportedly is an issue at Route 10 in Providence.

The road is currently closed in both directions. That is due to the intense flooding taking place near Union Avenue. Additionally, travel lanes on Interstate 95 south are currently blocked. This is being done at specific locations in Providence and Cranston. Drivers need to seek alternate routes in those areas. Another report indicated that Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee held a flash flood briefing. It did include officials from the state police, transportation, and emergency departments. Reportedly, McKee did say that crews were currently working to clear drains. That includes ones clogged along I-95, and Routes 10 and 6. They want to reopen those roads for the citizens of Rhode Island. Sadly, more rain is slated to come down in the region. It will be some time before things return back to normal.