WATCH: Ring Cameras Capture Bear Trying to Break into North Carolina Homes

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: JMrocek

Although Halloween has come and gone, a couple of North Carolina bears are still looking to go trick-or-treating.

People living in a North Carolina town may want to think twice before opening their front doors. According to reports, several people in Asheville were surprised when they checked the footage from their ring cameras and saw some unexpected guests hanging out on their porches.

Eva Cogburn and Debbie Ellison, both from Riceville, recently shared three security videos, each showing a curious bear trying to pry the door open to their homes. The bear burglars even had little success.

Cogburn shared two clips, one from this past October and another from July 2021. In the 2021 clip, the animal appears to use its mouth to try the door handle and then walks away.

In the recent clip, a bear paws at the door handle a few times before giving up.

Ellison’s video, which she shared on Nov. 3, 2022, is the most recent and panic-inducing example of attempted burglary by an animal. According to Ellison, she was casually watching TV when she suddenly heard her storm door abruptly open.

The video shows a bear rearing up on its hind legs and successfully pulling open a storm door. Holding the glass door open, the bear appears to use its free paw to try the door handle. The creature then tries the doorknob of a second door before moving on to a new location.

“Thank God the kitchen door was locked or he would have come right in,” Ellison said later about the incident.

North Carolina residents call for petition following string of bear-car collisions

Meanwhile, in North Carolina, several people have created an online petition that calls for changes along a highway after a bear-versus-vehicle collision occurred on Oct. 26.

“All of a sudden, a gigantic 400-pound bear jumps right in front of our car and it was like boom, air bags off, car is totaled, we are terrified,” recalled Jennifer Pharr Davis.

The following day, Pharr Davis said in an Instagram post that as she was driving home with her kids at night, a huge black bear “jumped over the median and landed right in front of our car.”

Thankfully, Davis and her children were not injured. However, her car was totaled, and sadly, the bear died due to the collision. In the Instagram post, Davis said the tow truck driver said her crash was the fifth bear crash they had responded to on that same stretch of road in one week.

“It seems like we really need a mitigation strategy on I-26, too. So I just wanted to raise awareness. I wanted to let people know this is happening just so they can make safe driving choices,” she said.