WATCH: Road Worker Helps Bear Cub Stranded on Far Side of Busy Highway Reunite With Mom

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

A young bear cub found itself in a dangerous situation recently as it became stranded along a Washington highway. Thankfully a quick-thinking area road worker was on hand to help, working diligently to help the bear cub. Eventually reuniting the young animal with its mother who was waiting on the other side of the busy interstate.

Brave Road Worker Slows Traffic Helping A Stranded Bear Cub Across The Highway To Reunite With Mama

The quick-thinking area road worker stepped up to the plate slowing traffic as the young cub tried desperately to get to its mama. According to reports, the bear cub was spotted on the south side of the busy roadway. However, the dangerous situation was soon obvious when the Blewett Pass maintenance official noticed mama on the other side of the highway. With the massively busy US 97 separating the mama and cub.

“Our road workers are always ready to lend a helping hand,” notes the October 10 Facebook post from the Washington State Department of Transportation. The post adds that this dedication comes “regardless of who needs the help.”

The post notes that one of the Blewett Pass maintenance workers “was on the south side of the pass when he noticed a mama bear and her cub separated by US 97.”

The worker then pulled his vehicle onto the shoulder of the road with a plan. He “activated his truck-mounted message board to warn traffic to slow down for wildlife near the road.”

Thankfully, the mama bear and the cub were reunited after the roadworker’s quick thinking allowed the baby to safely pass. Both bears then head up into the mountains…away from the busy roadways.

“Remember to keep a close eye out as there’s a lot of migrating wildlife out there right now!” the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) continues in the post. Adding that the man certainly stepped up to help a mom and kid in need!

Roadways Pose A Major Danger For Bears As Migration Season Continues

Recently, two black bear cubs in Colorado were part of a deadly accident. This happened as the pair were hit by a vehicle in Steamboat Springs on Highway 20. The officials arrived on the scene to find one of the cubs had died as a result of the injuries sustained in the accident. The other cub was seriously injured. The injured cub eventually had to be euthanized, officials have shared.

The bears’ deaths are believed to be the result of a semi-truck that hit the pair but did not stop. This is just one of many bear-related collisions in the area over the last year notes the Colorado State Patrol. And, the officials note, drivers must stay aware of their surroundings when on the road to avoid these collisions. Especially at dusk and dawn.