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WATCH: ‘Santa’ Squirrel Gets Into the Christmas Spirit, Leaves Cookie on Family’s Porch

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Carolin Voelker)

One festive squirrel is embracing the giving season this year, playing the role of Santa Claus and leaving a yummy treat for one homeowner.

This squirrel was caught on camera while spreading some seasonal cheer recently. The festive animal left a delicious Christmas cookie for the homeowner in this adorable act of kindness.

This Homeowner Would Never Have Believed Who Left The Goody…Thankfully There’s a Video!

As the TikTok clip begins, we see a woman walk up onto her porch carrying a very heavy bag. She moves toward a bench that sits on the porch and lays the heavy bag down. Then, she walks over to open the front door to the home. But first, she notices the festive holiday treat sitting right on her ledge, closest to the home’s front door.

@southernupnorth I wouldn’t believe someone if they told me this happened 🤷‍♀️ #Christmas #presents #cookies #christmascookie #squirrel #michigan #nature #peacetreaty ♬ Christmas song “Let’s decorate” – 3KTrack

She picks up the cookie and looks confused for a beat…and first-time watchers of this adorable video are usually confused right along with this homeowner. After all, this cookie was clearly placed in this spot with the utmost care. But, who leaves just one cookie for a neighbor? And who would set the cookie right on the ledge of the porch? Well, soon we get our answers!

“I wouldn’t believe someone if they told me this happened,” the homeowner shares in the TikTok post.

This Sweet Video Of The Squirrel Sharing The Festive Treat Has Already Garnered Millions Of Views

As the clip continues we see the homeowner pick up the cookie, clearly confused about where the snack came from. Initially, the homeowner speculates that “some kid” may have left this goody behind. However, the outdoor camera footage tells a very different story!

The footage cuts back to what the TikTok notes say is “2 hours earlier”. It is at this point that we discover the sweetly adorable origin of the cookie. The treat was placed on the porch ledge – very carefully – by a local squirrel.

“Is he leaving us a gift for Christmas,” the woman who shared the clip inquires in the comments. And, based on the viewers who responded, the answer is a definite YES.

“THAT’S SQUIRREL SANTA,” one of the TikTok viewers says excitedly in the comments. Another commenter is just as excited noting that this was “SANTAAAAA SANTA IS A SQUIRREL.”

“So many questions… but in conclusion… Santa is a squirrel,” another commenter offers.

Another TikToker comments that they like to tell their kids that “Santa’s helpers come in all forms,” much like this squirrel of course. Another viewer says “Welp, there are Christmas elves, now Christmas squirrels…. I’d leave him some pecans.”