WATCH: Scientists Discover Several Bizarre New Creatures in the Depths of the Indian Ocean

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP via Getty Images)

Scientists have uncovered a new world of bizarre creatures deep within the ocean waters as they explore the depths of the Indian Ocean. These weird and fascinating creatures were found as the experts spent time investigating the volcanoes that sit underwater in the Indian Ocean.

A 35-Day Expedition Leads To Some Impressive Ocean Discoveries

We all know the world’s oceans are full of mystery and intrigue. It’s hard to even imagine that there are parts of the ocean that scientists and other experts have yet to explore or discover. However, this list is getting smaller now as experts discovered some unique new ocean-dwelling creatures during a recent expedition mapping the seafloor near Australia’s Cocos Islands.

“Scientists have discovered new deep-sea creatures,” notes a recent Twitter post from CNN unveiling the wild story. The post goes on to note that these deep-sea discoveries took place while scientists were on a 35-day expedition mapping the sea floor.

The journey took the oceanic experts on a 6,800-mile journey. A trip that put the scientists face to face with some strange new finds. Among them is a blind eel that has gelatinous skin. The experts even found some adorable batfishes that spend their days hobbling around the seafloor with arm-like fins.

These Finds Uncover Many Previously Unknown Species Living On The Deep Sea Floor

Dr. Tim O’Hara, one of the scientists on the ocean expedition, notes that the discoveries uncovered an “amazing number of potentially new species living in this remote marine park.”

‘We are proud that our maps, data and images will be used by Parks Australia to manage the new marine park into the future.”

During the expedition, the scientists found a Tribute Spiderfish. This unique creature stands on lower fins that resemble stilts. This fish’s unique fins help the creature move its mouth into higher currents, catching yummy prawns and they float by.

The scientists also found an animal they call the Highfin Lizard fish. This fish boasts both male and female reproductive tissue. The scientists also found a Slender Snipe Eel which lives over two miles under the ocean water. This creature has hooked teeth meant to tear apart its prey.

The Pancake sea urchins sound absolutely adorable. However, they are fierce in their own right as the bodies are covered in poisonous spines.