WATCH: Sea Lion Casually Goes for a Dip in the Pool, Kicks Tourist Off His Sunbed

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

One of the most interesting things that we have seen lately includes this sea lion deciding it needs to take a dip in this pool. Now, it looks like this pool is near a restaurant or bar in this viral video. Maybe the sea lion stopped off for a scotch before heading to the pool. All we know is that this sea lion makes a beeline for the pool.

As you can see, the pool is located near another body of water. Could it be that this sea lion actually moved from one pool to another one? Of course, it’s possible! But this dude was making tracks around this location. We get a chance to see him waddle out and simply slide into the pool. He’s taking his time to swim the length of this spot, too.

There’s nothing like a relaxing dip in a pool, right? Once the sea lion gets through with this dip, he decides to pop out. But the fun really is just beginning here. What do you like to do after a swim? If possible, then go find a sunbed and catch some rays. This is what our friend does, too. Yet he actually is causing a little bit of a ruckus when doing so.

Sea Lion Finds His Spot On A Sunbed

See, there is someone already on a sunbed. The one that the animal wants to hop up on and relax. The man watches in probable amazement as the animal comes up to the edge of that sunbed. He probably looks on in shock and awe, too. Well, the sea lion was not going to be denied. He starts to hop up on the spot and scooches up a little bit. Ultimately, he’s stretching out for a little bit of time. No one is going to tell him to get away and shoo.

One thing we notice the man doing is pulling his towel off the sunbed. Now, that’s not really nice. We think that the animal probably would have loved to have a little towel time himself. But the sea lion ultimately finds a comfortable spot. You can tell that he’s just getting settled in for maybe a little nap time. We don’t blame him one bit. After all, the life of a sea lion is not always easy. It would have been interesting to see a little bit more of the video. Did the animal hang around for Happy Hour? What type of dinner could he have ordered for himself? We guess these and other questions will have to be answered at another time.