WATCH: Seal Missing Massive Chunk of Its Body Swims Around Unbothered

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Sergei Gapon/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

In this insane and graphic footage, an underwater diver gets up close to a seal with a massive chunk of its body bitten out by a shark. The seal swims right on by the diver, seeming to be unbothered by the horrendous wound.

The video was posted to Instagram by an account known for sharing graphic videos of nature at its most gruesome.

“Scars: a reminder that you were stronger than what tried to kill you,” the account writes in their caption.

The background song playing in the video is “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, a fitting choice for this soldiering seal.

The intense footage definitely sparked reactions in the comment section of the post, which can be viewed below.

Some commenters made sure to make a few puns involving the seal and its predicament.

“This post has my seal of approval,” one user joked.

“Doesn’t look like that wound will seal on its own,” another wrote.

One person gave a nod to the seal’s escape abilities: “Fast food was too fast that day,” they wrote.

Another commenter wondered how much pain the seal was in. “I just always wonder does stuff like this still hurt?” they asked. “I’m a pansy when it comes to pain I’ll pass out when someone touches a wound of mine too hard lol.”

Another person agreed. “I walk into the ocean with little tiny cut and it stings,I can’t imagine this.”

“Talk about salting the wound,” a final user commented.

Huge Seal Named ‘Rocky’ Violently Attacks Woman Who Swam Too Close to Her Pup in July

One woman walked up too closely on a seal in Hawaii and was violently attacked. A mama seal named Rocky stepped in to protect her baby but brutally attacked a woman.

According to reports, the attack was incredibly vicious. Multiple witnesses from the attack describe the scene as madness and “rough to watch.”

“It was a brutal attack,” one bystander said to KITV, via NY Post. “It was rough to watch. At one point, Rocky’s mouth got a hold of her head, and she was trying to splash and get away.”

In the videos captured by those on the beach, the California woman is seen swimming in the water. Her head pops up near the seal pup.

That’s when Rocky dives in and starts to viciously attack the woman. The woman tries to get away but the seal does everything in its power to hurt her.

After the attack was over, the woman had received multiple lacerations on her face, back, and arms. A person in a canoe came by and helped the woman get to shore.

Apparently, Rocky had just given birth to that seal pup weeks before. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the seal was incredibly protective of the newborn.