WATCH: Shark Shocks Fishermen By Jumping Into the Front of the Boat

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images)

This shark surprised a group of fishermen in New Zealand over the weekend by launching itself onto the front of their boat.

Video shows the Mako shark jumping onto the vessel while a fisherman tried to reel it in.

Ryan Churches is the owner of Churchy’s Charter NZ, and he took a group fishing off the coast of Whitianga on Saturday, November 5.

He told the New Zealand Herald that something snagged the fishermen’s bait. They then began fighting the creature. Moments later, they crew started struggling with the shark. “We got a hell of a fright,” Churches told the New Zealand Herald.

Then, the shark launches itself onto the front of the boat. It lands with a huge thumping noise, squirming around and hitting the window multiple times. The fishermen in the boat seem both amused and frightened at the same time.

Churchy’s Charter shared a video of the “crazy moment” on Sunday, November 6 on Facebook.

The shark appeared about 8 feet long and weighed about 330 pounds, Churches told the New Zealand Herald. After a few minutes of thrashing, the shark managed to wiggle itself back into the water, Stuff reported.

Mako sharks are considered an “aggressive predator” known for jumping out of the water to extreme heights when hunting. The species is the fastest shark and one of the fastest fish in existence. Mako sharks can reach 12 feet in length and 1,200 pounds in weight.

However, in California, a woman is recovering from a recent shark attack.

A woman suffered a shark bite while swimming at a Southern California beach on Friday. She recently spoke out from her hospital bed, saying she was still processing what happened following attack.

The incident occurred around 10 a.m. local time off a beach in Del Mar, north of San Diego.

Shark Attack Victim Says She’s Now ‘Feeling Good’ During Her Recovery

The 50-year-old victim is named Lyn Jutronich. She was swimming with a friend at least 200 yards offshore when the incident occurred, Del Mar lifeguards told ABC San Diego affiliate KGTV.

“I felt a huge, like a really hard hit — I don’t know how else to say this, like right between my legs,” Jutronich told KGTV from her hospital bed Friday night. “It hurt, and it pushed me up and out of the water.”

Jutronich, a frequent ocean swimmer, said she immediately knew it was a shark.

“I saw it clamp on my leg, so I don’t know if I saw it bite my leg or if I saw it after it bit my leg. But I definitely saw the mouth,” she said. “It was on my right leg and it shook once, kind of like a dog, and then it let me go.”

She said she came up for air and told her swim partner what occurred.

“I said, ‘I’ve just been bit, I’ve just been bit, we’ve gotta get into shore,’” Jutronich told the station.

Jutronich started waving to lifeguards for help and appeared to be in distress. Lifeguards responded and brought her ashore. They saw her injury and described it as consistent with a shark bite, city officials said in a press release.

Jutronich appeared to have suffered a shallow bite, the lifeguards told KGTV. She received medical aid at the scene before being transported to a local hospital. Thankfully, she was reported to be in stable condition, officials said.