WATCH: Sheriff’s Deputies Wrangle Alligator on Louisiana Family’s Patio

by Chris Haney

Earlier this week, a trio of sheriff’s deputies in Louisiana responded to an emergency call about an alligator where they safely wrangled and relocated the reptile. The gator found its way into a family’s backyard patio near their swimming pool. The animal wasn’t fully grown, but the family called emergency services to have it removed from the premises.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at the home located around Bossier City, Louisiana, just east of Shreveport. Deputies from the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office in Benton responded to the calls and found a three-foot alligator. Following the encounter, the sheriff’s office posted further details and shared photos and video of the deputies’ wrangling the gator.

“Deputies with the Bossier Sheriff’s Office donned a different uniform today, well sorta, to help some Benton residents on an animal nuisance call right out of the swamps,” the department’s Facebook account wrote.

The post shared that deputies Steve Hoff, Connor McLaughin, and Austin Mueller responded to the nuisance call. The post said that the three men “doubled as agents of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries.”

“Many of our animal calls range from loose livestock, horses, and dogs, and sometimes alligators,” Sheriff Julian Whittington said in a statement. “Our deputies just have to be prepared for almost any call that comes in, because you never know what the day will bring.”

Although the alligator wasn’t huge, it put up quite the fight. You can hear the initial deputy that grabs the gator say “he’s strong” as it attempts to death roll. Before and after photos of the scene show the gator safely removed with its mouth taped up and placed in a cage for transport. The Facebook post also added the sheriff’s office released the animal into the Bodcau Wildlife Management area in Benton.

Police Remove Angry 7-Foot Alligator From Florida Middle School

This week, a middle school in Florida also had some excitement involving a much larger alligator than the one in Louisiana. Police responded to calls from Lexington Middle School on Wednesday in Fort Myers, Florida. Sheriff Carmine Marceno shared a video of officers wrangling a seven-foot gator outside of the school.

“[School Resource Officer] K9 handler [Dave] Jennings, a former gator trapper, wrangled the visitor,” Marceno tweeted. “The alligator was taken by [Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation] where it will be relocated to a safe area.”

In a follow-up clip, Marceno showed four men carrying the subdued 7-footer away from the school. “See you later, alligator,” the tweet reads. Middle school officials also reported that the students and faculty were all safe and no attacks were reported.

It’s just the latest of numerous encounters with gators in Florida. In fact, just a few days prior, a Florida woman found a baby alligator in her swimming pool. In an amusing exchange caught on a responding officer’s body camera, one officer shared that “they didn’t go over this in the academy.”