WATCH: Skier Captures Insane Video of Two Deer Leading Him Down the Slopes

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Alfonso Di Vincenzo/KONTROLAB /LightRocket via Getty Images)

The weather temps are starting to plummet all over the place which means more and more skiers are hitting the slopes! One recent skier got a special glimpse of the great outdoors as two deer lead the way down the slopes.

The video is shot from the perspective of the skier as they zoom through the snow and down the steep hills. Just ahead of the skier we see two deer. The animals are seemingly developing some fresh tracks for the skier as they move over the slopes.

The deer stay quite a few feet – even yards – ahead of the skier filming the unusual outdoor experience. However, the path they are taking certainly follows the one laid out for the person behind the clip. It’s hard to tell if the deer felt they were playing, or if they were trying to get away. Either way, it’s certainly an interesting moment to watch!

Motorcyclist Isn’t So Lucky Striking A Deer That After It Wanders Into The Roadway

Deer are moving all over the place right now. As farmers finish harvesting fields and while the woodland animals are in their annual rut. This means we are likely to see the animals running in areas they aren’t typically seen. Such as this popular skiing area.

Another spot where deer are likely to unexpectedly show up is along some of our roadways located all across the country. This is exactly the scenario that one motorcyclist caught footage of as they are driving down a windy highway. In an instant, a deer enters the roadway and is smoked by the bike. Thankfully, the driver remains upright. However, there is damage to the vehicle.

The Wild Video Shows How Fast Things Can Change In Just A Flash

The jaw-dropping clip shows the motorcycle moving along the highway moving at 54 miles per hour. Miraculously, the driver is largely unharmed after the animal runs in front of the bike leaving the driver with no time to react.

The video is available on YouTube and depicts the moment filmed by the driver riding the Yamaha FJR 1300 bike along Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway. It is just a few seconds into the clip that we see the deer run into the roadway. It’s just a flash…but in an instant, it is clear what has happened.

As the bike strikes the deer, the camera shakes quite a bit. The driver did suffer a few scratches as a result of the collision, as well as an injury to their hand. The bike, however, didn’t escape the accident unscathed, even though it stayed upright. The mirror and the windscreen suffer obvious damage from the impact. A small price to pay considering what could have happened!