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WATCH: Skier Hits Deer, Carries Seemingly Dead Animal Down the Slope

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

The holidays are fast approaching and snow is blanketing much of the country this week. As such, skiers everywhere are looking to hit the slopes. One skier, however, recently had a completely unique experience while heading down the slopes himself. Footage shows a skier after he slammed into a deer on the mountainside. The clip then sees the man carry the (seemingly) dead animal down the mountain on his shoulders. Check it out.

The brief clip shows the skier rushing down the mountainside without poles, firmly grasping the deer’s legs. He skillfully weaves back and forth through the snow on the way down. The clip then cuts to the moments just after the skier, presumably named Harlan, hit the deer. One of his companions hysterically remarks, “I can’t believe that f—ing just happened to you.”

The video is more hysterical when you consider how the group of skiers surrounded the animal on the ground, dumbfounded.

“Should we carry it down?” another one of the skiers asks.

Viewers, however, were skeptical about just how hard the impact from the skier’s collision with the deer actually was. One commenter pointed out, “Dude would have been seriously injured if he hit that deer hard enough to kill it.”

Another viewer shared similar thoughts, writing, “How did the deer die from impact but [the skier] survived with out injury????”

Pennsylvania Deer Comes Crashing Through Gettysburg Restuarant Window

Early this week, a Pennsylvania deer found itself in a different predicament, also caught on video. Security footage shows the moment a deer comes crashing through a window of the Blue and Gray Bar & Grill in Gettsyburg Monday morning. Footage from within the restaurant does not capture what drove the deer to come barreling through the window. However, it does see the moment the animal’s broadside breaks the glass before it collapses to the floor and wreaks havoc inside.

Fortunately, at the time of the incident, the Blue and Gray Bar & Grill was closed. Further, the chairs surrounding the restaurant’s tables were flipped up on top of them so the animal was left skidding across the hard floors until authorities could come to remove the deer.

Once authorities were able to subdue the animal, which was an effort enacted by local law officers, the National Park Service, and a game warden, the restaurant was actually able to open on time. Once they captured the deer, they loaded it into the back of a pickup truck and drove it away from the wreckage.

A reporter states that the owner of Blue and Gray Bar & Grill in Gettysburg submitted the footage not long after the deer came bursting through the window.

Things ended relatively well for all involved parties, all things considered. After the terror of crashing through the glass, the deer’s captors released it back into the wilderness on a local farm, apparently sustaining no major injuries following the impact.