WATCH: Skunk Gets Head Stuck in Beer Can, Wildlife Officers Risk Getting Sprayed During Rescue

by Jonathan Howard

Recently the Lawrence, Nebraska Animal Control underwent a rescue mission. Operation “Drunk As A Skunk” was a dangerous one. When outdoors officials were called to a residential area with a skunk that had been snooping around a can it shouldn’t have been, things got intense. In a video shared on Facebook, the officers show off the daring rescue.

Most people wouldn’t get within 10 feet of a skunk, let alone close enough to touch one. However, Animal Control has to do what it has to do. These Lawrence officers were brave and gentle with this animal. Making sure it wasn’t harmed and making sure that they themselves walked away without needing a bath in tomato juice.

Check it out below.

The video, which was taken in June of this year shows a skunk in quite a predicament. However, Animal Control was in a pickle of their own. Dealing with a scared animal is never fun. When the creature can leave you stinking like a skunk can. Notice the professional use of the towel in order to prevent spray and to perhaps make the animal stop moving as much.

Once the can was removed the officers did the smart thing and started to run for their lives. The skunk was “dancing” as they say in the video and ready to strike at any moment. However, it seems as though everyone – animal and person – made it out of this largely unharmed.

This skunk was causing a bit of trouble, although it was in trouble itself. However, these little animals aren’t always the cause of the chaos. There are times when they do some pretty great and hilarious things.

Skunk Sprays Perp After Arrest

Law enforcement has been using dogs for years and years. It’s been commonplace for decades. There have even been police cats at times, with felines acting as mascots or office pets for departments. However, there might be a future in using skunks while dealing with potential criminals. You know, instead of pepper spray, you can just load up a skunk and have them do what they do best.

In Washington State, a skunk sprayed down a suspected robber. The person was allegedly taking AV equipment from a church of all places. The good Lord used one of his stinkiest creatures to prove a point, too. Police had already handcuffed and arrested the man when a skunk came by and decided to let loose.

The perp was sprayed down and the police probably didn’t appreciate the person being in their cruiser. That’s a tough dilemma for the officers there, isn’t it? Watch out, neer-do-wells, there might be a skunk lurking around ready to give you the business at any moment.