WATCH: Snake Appears in Family’s Car Window on Busy Roadway

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A family in Thailand had quite a scare when a giant snake appeared on the outside of their car window during a recent road trip.

Late last week, NowThis took to Twitter to share the clip of the family’s snake ordeal. It was reported that a helpful stranger came to the family’s aid and shooed the reptile away from the vehicle with a cloth. The animal did look appear to be safe and ok post the removal. The family was then able to continue their day without the reptile hitching another ride.

Twitter quickly responded to the video with both concern and amazement. “Giant snake? I don’t really think that qualifies as a giant snake,” one Twitter user declared. Another was more concerned about the snake’s well-being. “Poor thing. Probably more terrified than the ones in the car.” 

Thai National Parks also reveals that there are a total of 237 species of snake located in the country of Thailand. Among the types of reptiles in the country are pit vipers, king, brown, ground, rat, and smooth. JTC Travel also warns about the seven types of most venomous snakes in Thailand. They are the Malayan pit viper, Monocled cobra, Red-necked keelback, white-lipped pit viper, Banded krait, Eastern Russell’s viper, and King cobra.  

Family Encounters Snake Months After Group of Hikers’ Dangerous Reptile Encounter in a Hilly Stretch in Thailand 

In March 2022, NDTV reported that a group of hikers had quite a scare when they had a dangerous encounter with a snake while in the hilly stretch of Chiang Rai in Thailand. 

The media outlet reports that the hikers were moving along a narrow walkway when the large reptile jumped on one of them. Luckily, it did not bite. But it did send the hikers screaming for their lives. 

It was pointed out that the reptile was a rat snake. This kind of reptile is known as being non-venomous, but they do kill by constriction. They do not pose a threat to humans. Their main source of food is obviously rats. “This large snake is aggressive and can inflict a nasty bite, but it is non-venomous and cannot cause any serious injury,” reports say

The reptile can grow to 256cm long and is considered one of the largest snakes in Bangkok. Other than the pythons. It is noted that this kind of slithery animal prefers open habitats. This includes grassland, shrubland, open woodland, agriculture, and the open banks of water bodies. They may be found in trees and are good swims. 

Although the rat snake is not known to have any conservation issues in Thailand, it is considered endangered in China. This is due to it being hunted for its meat and gallbladder.