WATCH: Snake Handler Calmly Removes Mating Rattlesnakes From California Yard

by Amy Myers

It’s not unusual for Californians to call a snake removal company, but most of the time, they’re only wrangling one stray serpent that found its way onto a homeowner’s property. This time, though, the So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal Company had to take away two “buzzbutts” tangled in the throes of passion.

Southern California is home to quite a few different types of rattlers, including the Western Diamondback, Sidewinder, Speckled rattlesnake, Red Diamond rattlesnake, Southern Pacific, Great Basin rattlesnake and the Mojave rattlesnake, according to Ojai Valley Land Conservancy.

Of course, all of these scaly visitors have the potential to put a homeowner in the hospital which is why folks call on Alex Trejo, owner of So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal, to safely relocate the reptile to a more accommodating location.

During one of Trejo’s most recent jobs, he had to carefully carry two mating rattlesnakes that settled down beneath a bush on the property.

On Facebook, the snake expert recounted the unusual experience.

“Two rattlesnakes mating! First time being called out for something like this! What an extraordinary sight to see,” Trejo shared.

According to the snake removal company, right now is mating season for rattlesnakes which means they are more active than ever.

Trejo warned So-Cal residents to “please be extra cautious and remove all drinkable water! These snakes are very thirsty! Having open water access will increase your chances of a visit from one of these buzzbutt(s).”

Calmly, Trejo hooked one snake at a time and placed them both in a bucket. All the while, the rattlers gave a noisy notice of their frustration. In all likelihood, they may have continued mating in the bucket.

Homeowner Shares Snapshot of Mating Rattlesnakes Before Experts Arrived

While the presence of rattlers is certainly alarming for a resident, it’s still pretty incredible to find two mating right beneath your window. Naturally, before Trejo and his team removed the reptiles, the So-Cal local had to snap a couple of shots of the pair in their romantic moment.

Further in the Facebook group, Katy Tyler commented, “They enjoyed their time here! But they had to go!”

She managed to get a good photo of the two tangled around each other to the point where it isn’t clear which tail belongs to which rattlesnake.

In response to the additional photo, Trejo wrote, “they said thank you for the time but were off to better places now haha.”

Meanwhile, other followers of the snake removal group wondered whether Trejo would have let the snakes finish their moment first. While the expert is an advocate for the co-existence of this species and ours, he clarified that when the reptiles are on someone’s property, he needs to remove them immediately for the safety of all involved.

“I would have liked that, but when they’re on someone’s property I can’t let time go by,” he explained.