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WATCH: Snake Wrangler Finds Two Massive Pythons Hiding in Ceiling

by Megan Molseed
(Photo Getty Images)

An electrician working in a home recently got quite the scare when he noticed something eerie lurking within the ceiling above. While working on a home, the electrician spotted not just one, but two gigantic carpet pythons hiding up above. Thankfully, the experts are on hand for this kind of emergency. And while the rest of us may not feel comfortable casually handling these gigantic reptiles, this snake wrangler handled the situation like a pro!

Watch As An Expert Snake Wrangler Expertly Handles Two Pythons Hiding In A Ceiling

In the shocking video, a snake handler calmly addresses a situation that would likely freak a lot of us out. Even for snake lovers, an encounter with a reptile as massive as these reptiles could be a bit frightening!

The electrician got an unexpected “shock” recently after finding a pair of carpet pythons hanging out within the ceiling area of a home. It was a sight, the electrician says, that immediately “scared the daylights” out of him.

Soon, however, the experts were called in to help, removing the carpet pythons from their hiding spots. Taking them out and releasing the animals into the wild.

Braving The Tasks That Many Of Us Are Too Afraid To Tackle!

As the video begins, we see the snake handler expertly pull one of the gigantic pythons out of the ceiling. It may have been a wiggly rescue, but it’s one that went off without a hitch!

“There’s one,” the snake handler says as he removes the snake from behind a ceiling panel. Someone brings over a bag – we’re assuming a special rescue snake bag, maybe” – and the handler sets the snake inside.

“Head down, buddy,” the snake handler says as he sets the python into the bag. But, this python has just been woken up from a slumber. Or at least bothered during quiet time, so it now wants to see everything that’s going on, it seems, as it pokes its head out of the bag.

Eventually, this first python is put carefully into its rescue bag. And it’s on to find the second animal lurking up above.

The video switches to a hole in the ceiling. We can see debris and even some insulation poking out through this area that is around a foot long. However, there is a little more in there than (initially) meets the eye! As the camera pans in a little closer we see it…the second python.

This snake isn’t an easy grab as it’s tucked away in there. The snake handler has to make the hole a little larger to get to this python. But, everything works out fine and soon this one is sitting in the rescue bag as well!

Headed Back Into The Wild

The video soon moves to an outdoor location as the Queensland snake handler shows off the two stowaways. One a male, the other a female, the expert notes.

“You guys head this way into the bush,” the handler tells the reptiles as he sets them down in the wild.

Soon, we see one of the snakes getting back to business as usual, slithering up a tree in the Australian bush.