WATCH: Sneaky Black Bears Devour Pumpkins on Man’s Front Porch

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

This is the time of year when holiday-loving homeowners enjoy making their yards and porches as festive as possible. And, one of the most popular pre-Halloween decoration traditions is always the intricately decorated pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns for all passer-byers to enjoy. However, sometimes the local wildlife is also interested in this decor. Like the time when some curiously sneaky black bears went headfirst into one home’s decorative pumpkins!

Just Looking For An October Treat

Recently, the Weather Channel shared a video featuring a group of black bears enjoying a snack on someone’s porch. Their goodies, however, weren’t meant for eating. They were placed outside as festive Halloween decorations. The bears didn’t seem to care, though. Nor did they notice the camera that was locked on the animals during the wild animals’ snack sessions. Starting a clip that shows the furry porch pirates as they go to town on the delicious fall treats.

“A group of black bears found the perfect fall feast on one man’s front porch,” quips the caption attached to the adorable viral video which shows the bears as they are locked in on enjoying their goodies. These fall treats were so good, in fact, that one of the bears in the group decided to take one to go!

Man Films Unusual Encounter With Fearless Bear

A recent viral video features a bear sauntering up onto a front porch and taking a moment to chill out. The bear seems so at home in this outdoor area, it’s almost as if it’s a part of the family! The hilarious video features the animal as it saunters up the porch’s stairs. It even remains perfectly calm as the home’s human resident captures the moment on video.

In the video, we see the large bear climbing up the stairs to the porch. The animal pauses for a brief moment as it approaches the final few steps. The amazing video clip gets an up-close glimpse of the visitor…showing viewers just how close the person behind the video got to this massive bear.

As the bear gets up onto the porch, it decides to get an even better view, leaning against the railing as it looks out at the breathtaking scenery. The bear then decides to get up even higher…climbing up on the railing and taking it all in. It even takes a moment to enjoy some of the decor adorning the scenic outdoor area.