WATCH: Sneaky Wolf Tries to Snatch Carcass From Sleeping Bear

by Megan Molseed
(Photo credit should read Gerardo Vieyra / Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

It was an unusual standoff in the woods as a sneaky wolf tries its best to swipe a meal from under the nose of a sleeping bear. Only, this snoozing bear had a keen eye on what was happening around it, despite taking a nap in the middle of the woods. And it sensed the wolf coming just in time to shoo it away from the carcass it was storing for later.

This Sneaky Wolf Wasn’t Sneaky Enough – The Bear Eventually Saw It Coming

Recently, a bear taking a rest in Italy’s Apennine Mountains faced a challenge as it tried to fend off a sneaky wolf who was trying to swipe its food. A recent clip shows this unusual standoff as the two apex predators go toe to toe. The wolf aims to swipe the bear’s food, and the bear is ready to defend its food as it tries to scare the scavenger away.

The video is a hilarious wildlife moment as the wolf just won’t give up in its pursuit to scavenge the delicious carcass from the bear’s stash. The bear’s frustration in this situation is almost palpable as the wolf refuses to back down. Even after the bear makes it very clear it isn’t going to give up the food easily…or at all.

The Bear Finds A Resourceful Solution, Burying Its Kill As The Scavenger Finally Gives Up

Initially, the wolf sneaks up on the sleeping bear intent on swiping the bear’s food away from it before the animal even wakes up. The sneaky animal is doing quite well in its planned attack to swipe the carcass from the sleeping bear. However, the bear must be sleeping with one eye open. It sits up to face the wolf before the scavenger can get close enough to grab the delicious carcass that the bear has left lying on the ground just a few feet away.

Now, the bear is awake and aware of the sneaky animal’s plan. However, this isn’t enough to convince the wolf to back down. He’s focused on scoring the meal from the large bear and he works tirelessly to swipe it away. But, the bear is just as persistent. Holding the hungry wolf off at every single turn.

The bear charges at the wolf a few times in the clip. And, each time it appears as if the wolf is scared away from continuing its efforts. However, the scavenger keeps returning to the scene…trying to grab the carcass from a variety of different angles.

Eventually, however, the bear is able to fend off the wolf just long enough to protect its kill. The predator snatches the carcass up in its jaws and digs a large hole in a pile of dirt and leaves. Eventually, it seems, the wolf gets the point and moves on.