WATCH: Spider Monkeys Grab Girl by the Hair at Zoo

by Amy Myers

If an animal has opposable thumbs, it’s probably not a great idea to get close enough where it can grab onto you. Despite this crucial piece of common sense, this zoo visitor decided to take a chance and risk her scalp when she banged on the fence of the spider monkey exhibit.

The video began as all TikTok “touron” clips do. A human does something to upset the unsuspecting animal and ends up getting instant karma. In this case, the girl swiped at the fence below the primate and found out just how strong the monkey’s grip was. The animal held onto her hair with both hands even as the human tried to back away, her friends shrieking louder than the monkeys all the while.

After watching the girl’s mistake for a few moments, another member of the group managed to pull her back and swatted at the spider monkeys with his sweatshirt.

But folks, for some reason, the girl still didn’t learn her lesson. In a desperate attempt to escape the exhibit, the girl rushed too close past the fence. Not surprisingly, the monkey grabbed hold of her hair once again before she slumped to the floor and waddled the rest of the way out of the area.

Take a look.


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Zookeeper Suffers Worse Fate When He Messes With Animal Much Larger Than Spider Monkeys

If you shouldn’t put your hands near the fence at a spider monkey exhibit then you should definitely keep a wide berth at a lion exhibit. But this zookeeper thought he knew better and wanted to impress the tourist group he was leading through the Jamaica Zoo.

While visitors stayed at a safe distance away from the wild animal exhibit, the zookeeper decided to test his skills as a lion tamer and continuously stuck his fingers near the lion’s mouth. This was supposed to demonstrate that no matter how many times he did so, he wouldn’t get bit.

Understandably tired of the games, though, the big cat outsmarted the human and finally grabbed hold of one of his fingers… And then didn’t let go.

In agony, the zookeeper had to brace his legs against the fence to pull what was left of his finger away. He lost at least one knuckle and a good chunk of his self-esteem.

Watch at your own discretion.

All the while, the tour group wasn’t sure what to make of the disaster. One tourist even thought it was a performance at first.

“When it happened, I thought it was a joke. I didn’t think it was serious,” an unnamed female visitor told the Jamaica Observer. “Obviously, when he fell on the ground, everybody realized that it was serious. Everybody started to panic.”