WATCH: Startled Horse Goes Buck Wild and Stomps Out Giant Gator

by Amy Myers

When an alligator wandered too close to a wild horse, it found out just how powerful the 1,200-pound creature’s hooves are.

By nature, wild horses can be pretty territorial and skeptical of any other species that venture near the herd. So, it’s not all that surprising that a stallion used all of its might to let the gator know it wasn’t welcome. In the video, the black horse looked up from its grazing spot to see the giant reptile making its way through the grass. Not taking any chances, the stallion reared up and immediately began attacking the alligator, stomping it with all four hooves over and over.

Even as the gator began to exit stage left, the horse kept going, making sure there was no mistaking his message. The reptile tried to answer back and snapped its teeth at the attacker’s legs but didn’t seem to do any damage.

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Viewers Fill in Context of Stallion’s Attack on Gator

All the while, bystanders kept their distance but urged the stallion to leave the gator alone. But what they didn’t understand was that this fierce male was actually protecting his band that gathered somewhere out of view.

“The horses in the video are wild horses,” one viewer confirmed. “The one attacking the gator is the band Stallion and the mares and foals are just off of camera to the right.”

Another TikToker commended the stallion for its actions, stating, “I’m glad the horse let him know he wasn’t welcome on his territory!”

Thankfully, the group watching the attack was far enough away that they didn’t pose any threat to the stallion, too. Had they been a little closer, the gator may not have been the only victim of the male’s hooves.

“You were smart to stay back,” a third viewer wrote, adding that a “wild horse protecting herd is more dangerous than that gator.”

Horse Encounter Is One of Many at La Chua Trail

According to yet another viewer, the video took place at the La Chua Trail in Gainesville, Florida. Located at the north end of Paynes Prairie, the area often sees plenty of gators, wild horses and even bison.

“Warning signs advise you not to get too close to the alligators, and that the prairie is a free range,” reports Florida Hikes. “There are bison, wild horses, and cattle roaming freely where you’ll be walking, if you step off the boardwalk.”

The area is a popular destination for wildlife watchers, and it’s a unique opportunity to see how these three very different species coexist. Most of the time, they seem to stay out of each other’s way. But every now and then, their paths cross and that’s when the hooves (and teeth) come out.