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WATCH: Stealthy Leopard Absolutely Wrecks Impala From Treetops

by Brett Stayton
Leopard Flies Through The Sky
Photo by Gallo Images/Getty Images

Leopards are one of the most badass wildlife animals on Earth. They routinely display some of the most impressive hunting prowess in the animal kingdom each time they dart out of a tree toward an impala, wrestle a wildebeest, or run down a warthog. Leopards specialize in nighttime ambush hunting. They hunt using trees and bushes as cover whenever possible, and their spotted fur helps them blend in and remain camouflaged.

Leopards frequently hunt from trees, in a similar concept to hunting from a tree-stand. Leopards will carry whatever they hunt into the trees with them. Feasting in the treetops helps protect the harvest from scavengers like hyenas or lions, which can outpower leopards.

This absolutely wild video from Nature Is Metal shows a full-grown leopard just power plunging from the treetops to dart an Impala. Nature Is Metal has become one of the premier sources of wildlife and nature-based digital content on social media. Not only are the videos wild as can be, but the captions are also always interesting, educational, and entertaining.

Leopard drops in on an unsuspecting Impala

Impalas are known to have good eyesight, which allows them to detect predators from a distance. Their eyes are designed to constantly scan the horizon for threats along the horizon. Impalas have eye positioning that gives them a wide range of vision. They can detect predators out in African grasslands even when they are grazing. Impalas can also detect movements across a wide field of view, making it easier for them to spot potential predators and flee.

However, if the leopard hunts from the treetops, impalas have a harder time detecting it. Impalas have a less effective upward vision, which makes it more challenging for them to detect ambushes from above.

Snow Leopard With Absolutely Perfect Camouflage Goes Viral

While leopards in Africa are perfectly shaded to blend in with foliage on the savannah, snow leopards in the Himalayan Mountains are perfectly designed to blend in on snow-covered mountains and steep rocky ledges. The cat blends so well into its surroundings that people observing the photo online can’t seem to determine where exactly the snow leopard in the picture even is. However, the face of a curious snow leopard looking up from down below on the rock ledge can be made out.

Jaguar Hunts Down Caiman On Riverbank

Video of the Leopard hunting from the treetops is an unbelievable sight to behold. Although, some of the most impressive hunting skills in the world of big cats might just belong to the jaguars. These South American predatory felines are powerful swimmers. They frequently hunt down caimans and anocodands in the river deltas and jungle coastlines.