WATCH: Stealthy Mountain Lion Sizes Up Unsuspecting California Jogger

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

If you go out for a jog in sunny Southern California, usually you don’t expect a mountain lion to be watching. Oh but this unsuspecting jogger had some company. This viral video will be something worth seeing. It opens up with the lion just wandering around. See, this kind of looks like he’s plotting something devious. Well, OK, maybe not. Yet the mountain lion is definitely taking his time for some reason.

As we will soon see, the jogger has no idea what is going on. Now, the lion decides to go hide behind a bushy area. Why? He obviously wants to get a good look at the jogger. And man, that jogger has absolutely no clue a mountain lion is watching. You know, this could have turned into a Looney Tunes type of moment with the lion and the jogger. As we said, it’s something to see.

Utah Man Freed Mountain Lion From Trap

You might say that we’re not getting the whole picture here. We don’t actually see what happens after the jogger gets behind the lion. Did the mountain lion take off and chase? We don’t know. But it would be another storyline out of this video.

Meanwhile, there are other mountain lion happenings in the world. A Utah man took his time to free one caught in a trap. We got to see the whole thing play out in a three-plus-minute video. We got a chance to see the lion’s front left paw stuck. It’s not a pretty picture and we did see him struggle. The animal did try to free itself from the trap. But it was to no avail. When the Utah man approached the animal, there was significant hissing. That mountain lion was going to take a little leap toward the man. It did struggle in the trap and tried to go after him. But that did not work out.

What did the Utah man do? He grabbed something to collar the mountain lion. After a couple of attempts that didn’t work out, he finally was able to nab the animal. The man worked his way around to put the lion down on the ground a little bit. He then moved toward grabbing the animal’s paw. The man does attempt to get that paw out of the trap. Yet after a couple of tries, he would have to manually free up the paw. Once that happens, the man quickly gets out of the way. He happened to record the whole situation. What about the mountain lion? He would quickly get to his feet and find his way back into the wilderness. Again, the scene is something to behold for viral video fans.