WATCH: Surfer Cruises Directly Over Huge Shark in Hawaii

by Megan Molseed

It wasn’t that long ago that ocean-goers – swimmers and surfers, specifically – rarely ever knew what was lurking beneath the surface of the water. However, drone photography has changed this a bit. Some drone users are now capturing a variety of wild ocean dwellers as seen from up above. Footage depicting some of the shadowy figures – such as giant sharks – that are lurking under the water’s surface…all from a birds-eye view.

This is exactly what happened recently as a drone on Hawaii’s One’ula Beach (otherwise known as Hau Bush) captured some wild footage of a surfer moving directly above a gigantic shark. The video starts fairly mellow. Filming a longboarder as they move along the surface. However, soon we notice what’s lurking beneath the longboarder in the water. Following close behind the surfer is a large six to eight-foot shark. And the entire heart-pounding moment was shared recently in a wild Instagram post.

“The man in the gray suit stopped by this morning to say hi,” quips the caption with the post. The message then adds a perfectly relevant warning sign emoji along with an emoji of a swimming shark.

The Shocking Drone Footage Saves The Day As Users Alert Surfers Of The Huge Shark Lurking Below The Oceans Surface

As soon as the drone operator caught sight of the haunting footage, they and some friends used a megaphone to alert those in the water of the lurking danger. They kept the drone trained on the shark as the surfers were exiting the water, making their way to shore.

This move certainly could have avoided a potential tragedy. However, it was a cautious choice made purely for safety’s sake. This is clear as the footage shows that the shark doesn’t seem to pay any mind to the surfers above. One longboarder even catches a wave, moving directly above the ocean predator.

Kayaker Catches Wild Go-Pro Footage

Recently, an Australian kayaker got a major shock while filming go-pro footage for his YouTube channel when he spotted a shark lurking behind him during his entire excursion. The whole situation is especially hair-raising as we learn the kayaker only learned of this visitor after reviewing the footage once he was back on land.

Fortunately, the encounter wasn’t hectic at all. However, the huge shark does get uncomfortably close to the boat’s camera. But, the kayaker notes in his “about” page on YouTube that it’s exactly this kind of surprise he is hoping to find when he sets out to see with the Go-Pro attached to his kayak. It’s all about the surprises he catches with the baited remote camera!