WATCH: Swimmer Absolutely Loses It When Friends Point Out the Shark Right Beneath Him

by Joe Rutland

Imagine being a swimmer out in the water and simply having a good time when a shark comes up along and makes his presence felt. Well, that very thing happened to one swimmer. As you can see below, he’s just enjoying his time out in the water. As he gets closer to the boat, though, something makes an appearance. You can plainly see a shark swimming near the swimmer.

Then, in one fell swoop, the swimmer appears to float for a minute. Once he feels the shark going underneath him, there are a few squawks and screams. It appears that someone on the boat is making a racket, too. As the shark goes under and clears the swimmer, the swimmer makes a beeline right for the boat. It’s definitely something to behold and shows a little bit of coolness on his part. Yes, if that would have been us, we don’t know if we could have been able to keep our cool too much. We don’t get around sharks much. Maybe you do, but it would throw us into a bit of a tizzy. Anyway, take look at how this man handles the encounter with a not-so-friendly shark.

Swimmer Looked Happy To Get Back To The Boat, Away From Shark

We didn’t notice too many people making comments here. That’s OK. Maybe some of them are watching this guy’s strategy and looking to use it themselves. There are people who look to enjoy the cool, clear waters just like him. If they do, then how in the world will they react if a shark comes by and says hello? It all will fall into place for them if they focus on their efforts.

In this video, it didn’t look like the swimmer was going to check and see if the shark had pearly white teeth. That would be kind of a stretch for him to do. Still, the swimmer here was definitely glad to reach that boat. He wasn’t going to be spending too much more time with the shark if he could do so. Swimmers are adept at getting in and around their places in the water. Well, we will leave this swimmer alone to see if he can chill out after his encounter.

Meanwhile, another shark incident was making news recently. An 11-year-old shark attack survivor received quite a surprise from a hero that he’s looked up to during this ordeal. Jameson Reeder Jr. would get some help and support from surfer Bethany Hamilton. As he was recuperating from his own issues, Jameson would look at the movie Soul Surfer. The biopic actually told Hamilton’s story of losing her arm in a shark attack.