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WATCH: Teenager Launches Dead Tree Into the Grand Canyon

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Let’s face it, teenagers aren’t typically known for making the best decisions. However, one TikTok video shows one teen boy taking this to another level, dangerously hurling a dead tree off the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Many would view it as common sense that we don’t throw anything off a ledge. Let alone off of a ledge as high as what we would find at the popular national park. However, it seems that there is a disturbing trend starting to grow. A trend where not-so-smart tourists are chucking things into the famous canyon. A video shows this teen boy launch a dead tree off the ledge in a recent recording.

Some People Will Do Anything For Likes, Even Pitch Things Off The Grand Canyon

It seems that in 2022 people are willing to do pretty much anything for likes or followers. And one TikTok video depicts exactly this. As a group of kids thinks it is hilarious to throw a dead tree off the ledge. Hurling it into the grand canyon.

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Sure, teenagers are notorious for bad decision-making…and choosing to do dumb things. However, they should still be called out when they make dangerous decisions such as this one. Sure, the odds that someone will be walking the area right below are pretty low. However, it’s possible which means the actions of the Grand Canyon visit were very dangerous.

TikToker Faces Charges After Throwing a Golf Ball and Club Into The Grand Canyon

A Grand Canyon visitor found herself in hot water recently when a video of her tossing a golf ball and a club into the Grand Canyon hit social media.

“Do we really need to say, ‘don’t hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon?’” notes Grand Canyon National Park officials in a recent Facebook post. The video appears on the popular social media site showing the woman as she hits a goofball into a deep ravine. According to reports, this ravine measures around 6,093 feet deep. After this, the moronic tourist doubles down on the danger, throwing her club in after the ball.

“On October 26, an individual posted a video to her personal TikTok page showing her hitting a golf ball,” notes the National Park Service. The message continues to note that the visitor is seen in the video “throwing a golf club into the canyon near Mather Point.”

“On October 27, Grand Canyon Law Enforcement identified, located, and contacted the individual responsible for the incident,” the post continues. The message notes that charges are being sought in response to the incident. Reminding tourists that throwing anything over the Grand Canyon’s rim is both illegal and dangerous. The falling items could easily injure “hikers and wildlife who may be below,” the National Park Service explains.