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WATCH: Terrified Deer Fleeing Pack of Dogs Gets Stuck in ATM Lobby

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Sylvain CORDIER/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

A wild deer found itself in a tough situation recently after it got trapped inside an ATM vestibule running away from a pack of angry dogs. The now-viral video shows the deer as it tries helplessly to free itself from its unusual surroundings.

In the wild video, we see the deer as it finds itself locked within the bank machine building after a pack of angry dogs chases it in that direction. The video shows the deer as it appears to be completely disoriented and even confused. Desperately trying to find an exit out of the strange building.

The panicked animal begins jumping around, looking for any escape that it can. Eventually, forest department officials stepped in to help. They were able to calm the deer and remove it from the ATM vestibule. Officials were later able to release the deer back into the wild…and far away from any other ATMs!

This deer finding itself trapped within the glass walls of the ATM vestibule is a very different scenario than what we saw recently in California as a pack of deer is seen frolicking in the ocean waves.

Some California Deer Take A Rare “Beach Day” Hanging Out In The Surf Near The Iconic Pebble Beach

In the rare video, we see the animals as they play in the surf along the Monterey Coast in California. The video clip shows the animals as they run along the beach, enjoying a day of fun in the surf and sand. It’s a bit of a cloudy and chilly day it seems. Not ideal for human beach-goers, but likely ideal conditions for playful deer!

These cooler temps and greyish skies give the deer a comfortably chilly day to play in the water. Some of the animals even go further in their play, hopping into the surf and chasing the waves back and forth on the beach.

The adorable video footage shows a small group of deer playing in the water. First, we see three or four of the animals running straight for the ocean’s edge. Then, the group gets even bigger as more of the animals come to join in on the fun. Running along the sandy beach, taking dips in the water as they play.

“I’ve lived here my entire life,” notes Liz Selbicky who captured the footage of the unusual sight. “[But]I’ve never seen deer frolic through the ocean like this.”