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WATCH: Texas Border Agent Rescues Flailing Deer Stuck in Wire Fence

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

A few Border Patrol agents found themselves dealing with someone stuck in the border fence. Only this certain someone was a young deer with its antlers caught in the fencing.

The incident occurred in rural south Texas near Falfurrias.

The deer seemed to peek through the fence before getting his antlers stuck as he tried to free himself. The gaps in the metal fence look just big enough for a deer to poke its head through.

In the viral clip below, one officer walks up to the stuck deer. Immediately, we see the scared buck flailing around in a crazed state. He then kicks his hind legs up so far they seem to reach over his head. It’s apparent that the animal is frightened out of its mind as the agents approach.

“Easy,” one agent says, trying to calm down the deer. It seems to almost wriggle itself free for a second, but it remains stuck. Eventually, one agent walks up and is able to restrain the deer by holding its head and snout. The deer then pushes its front legs on the wire fence. Next, the agent starts to slowly lift up on the wire and then guides the deer’s antler to the other side of the wire.

Immediately after being freed, the white-tailed deer doesn’t stick around for long at all. It darts the opposite direction and disappears into the woods once the kind agents freed him.

Chief Patrol Agent Reacts to Viral Video of Deer Being Rescued

Agents recorded the incident on video and posted to Twitter earlier this week. The cute video got retweets from Border Patrol officials that included Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez, of Brownsville.

Chavez oversees the Rio Grande Valley Sector. This sector covers the Rio Grande Valley and parts of south Texas that include Falfurrias and a large patch of territory extending down the Texas coast toward Louisiana.

“Our #BorderPatrol Agents without hesitation will always respond!” Chavez wrote on Twitter in response to the video. “Even if it is Rudolph in need! Great Job #Falfurrias Station Agents who on patrol freed one of Santa’s helpers this morning near Falfurrias, Texas.”

Plenty of people commented about the viral interaction online.

One Twitter user replied that the scared deer “took off like he stole something.”

Another user then quickly replied: “He did. My heart.”

One person also noted how the deer stopped flailing while he was being helped. “Interesting how the deer stopped moving as if he knew he was being helped,” they wrote.

Another user replied, suggesting the interaction could’ve happened before. “Might not have been its first rodeo.”

Falfurrias, the county seat of Brooks County, contains a population of 4,981. The county houses just over 7,000. The town received its name from founder Edward Cunningham Lasater’s ranch, La Mota de Falfurrias.

While the ranch is smaller now at 2.86 square miles, in 1893, the Falfurrias ranch was one of the largest in Texas at some 350,000 acres.