WATCH: Texas Gator Covered in Weeds Completely Vanishes in Shallow Water

by Emily Morgan

Viewers were stunned after watching a large Texas gator camouflage itself beneath duckweed.

The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge posted the now-viral clip to its Facebook page on August 2. According to the agency, Penni Phillips of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recorded the clips. It’s now racked up more than 600,000 views.

“An American Alligator wades through shallow water covered in duckweed, eventually becoming almost completely camouflaged in green,” read the video’s caption. Per reports from the National Wildlife Federation, the reptile’s tail and webbed feet help them dart forward in the water.

“Although American alligators can be hard to miss while basking on the shore, they can look eerily like logs when floating in the water,” the agency said about the swimming beasts.

You’ll often find them lurking in coastal wetlands throughout the southeast region of the United States, going as far north as North Carolina and as far west as eastern Texas.

However, according to the Facebook post, onlookers spotted this specific alligator at a refuge on the Gulf of Mexico north of Corpus Christi in Texas.

In the clip, the gator is slowly creeping through the water, which is now bright green due to the duckweed. In addition, the gator has a few bright green spots on its back. However, the shockingly bright duckweed completely covers the gator’s spots.

Within moments, the bright green water envelops the gator. With just a quick glance, the gator is easy to miss. However, after a second look, you can see the gator’s head and part of its tail.

“Hauntingly beautiful and very wild there,” a viewer wrote in the comments. “Awesome video, love how they use their environment to stay cool and hide,” someone else added. “Yeah they always trying to be slick,” another viewer commented.

Some were also shocked and terrified by how well the alligator concealed itself. “Reasons why I never trust water seen above,” a Facebook user quipped. “Can you imagine actually seeing one of these especially while swimming?” another Facebook user added.

Texas couple fight off 8-foot gator after they find it on their front porch

In May, a Texas woman came home to an 8-foot alligator greeting her at her front door.

“And all I seen was the mouth wide open and hissing,” said Tammy Tanner after finding the gator on her front porch. “And he was on me, he was right there. So I tried to turn quickly to start running but his tail caught my knee and it knocked me down. And I thought, ‘well he’s going to be on me now.'”

Thankfully her boyfriend saw her fall and came to her aid. “When she got knocked down I couldn’t see what happened. I just know she come flying back out,” said her boyfriend, Jody White, initially thinking a burglar had grabbed her.

“So I come running up here seen that [gator] and I had to drag her back out away from the doorway here, so it was out of the way. Then we just got back in the truck and waited.”