WATCH: These Otters Having a Blast on a Water Slide Are Too Much for the Internet to Handle

by Suzanne Halliburton

Need to forget your worries in between football games this weekend? We suggest watching some otters enjoying a water slide.

Remember when you were young, playing at a water park on a warm summer day? All that was on your mind was getting down the slide and pondering the flavor of your next snow cone. These otters playing on the slide likely only have one thing in mind — endless fun. You slide, then climb back up and slide some more.

So watch this video clip making the rounds on social media. It’ll put a smile on your face. That’s an Outsider guarantee.

So maybe you’re curious after seeing those cute otters slide the afternoon away. We’ve compiled some otter fun facts for you.

Yes, otters like to slide for play or work. And when we say work, we mean hunting food. River otters slide along a water’s edge or other crossover spots. They travel between bodies of water. Sliding can be the most efficient way of travel.

There are 13 difference species of otters, worldwide. And two of those can be found in the United States. They’re related to the same animal family that produced wolverines, badgers and weasels. There are river otters in the United States. They grow to be about three to four feet long and weigh up to 30 pounds. There are folks who’d love to bring home and otter to meet the dog or cat. This is a bad idea. Otters don’t make good pets. They want to hang out in the water, not your house.

Otters, especially on a slide, are so darn cute. Here are some hanging out at Yellowstone. (KAREN BLEIER/AFP/GettyImages)

And these otters can slide all day because their fur is waterproof. There are also more reasons as to why an otter is such a perfect swimmer. They can close off their nostrils and ears while swimming, diving or sliding. And each of them can hold their breath for up to eight minutes. If they’re swimming underwater under a sheet of ice, these otters also can re-breathe air bubbles. How cool is that?

They’re not good when it comes to building a place to live. Rather, the otters often take over a den that another animal already built. And you might have watched an endless loop of otters eating. They can use rocks to open shellfish. Or sometimes they flip over on their backs and use their stomachs to help open the food. Otters also eat fish, crabs and crawfish.

So otters do more than slide. But my gosh, let’s keep playing this video. There’s nothing cuter.