Thieving Pet Raccoon Books It After Owners Catch Him in the Act

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Pam Wright / EyeEm

Raccoons, or as we might start calling them, ‘fur ninjas,’ are known for being cute yet sneaky creatures that you might find riffling through your trash in the middle of the night. While harmless, these sly animals are professionals when it comes to thievery.

A perfect example of this was exemplified in a video showing someone’s pet raccoon getting away with some stolen property from its owners.

The 12-second video was shared to YouTube with the caption: “Our pet raccoon named LB is a little thief! He will grab something and then run and hide. His two favorite hiding spots are behind the couch and behind the freezer. In this instance, he stole packaging from a box. He likes to steal hairbrushes, coffee cups, silverware, and socks.”

In another raccoon incident, the animal nearly got away with line-cutting and stealing at a Philadelphia airport. However, it might’ve been successful had cameras not been around.

Racoon was spotted casually snacking in a Philadelphia airport

TikTok user @krystynakrez sent a video her friend caught of a candy thief at a Philadelphia Airport store. However, the criminal was not in human form.

@krystynakrez the stand by lists are too long these days #greenscreenvideo ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

This incident raises multiple questions. First, how did a wild raccoon get inside an airport? In addition, how did it make it past security? Didn’t the claws or fur alarm TSA?

According to reports, raccoons are sometimes unlikely patrons roaming airports all over. After the video was posted, it garnered a ton of responses. “I just watched another TikTok where a baby raccoon fell out of the ceiling at an airport & mama came to get it. Wonder if it’s the same place,” remarked @faafo1.

But honestly, the airport may not be such a bad place for a raccoon, considering there’s an endless supply of snacks. “This is so Philly,” quipped @charlottestackk. “Could not be more on brand,” agreed @megthee__.

However, as one user pointed out, the raccoon wasn’t as rude as other flyers have been known to be. “At least he was polite and only took 1,” pointed out @lolo_pico. “I don’t blame my man. Hudson’s pricing is ridiculous,” @njenkss sympathized. “He’s in a hurry. He’s got a flight to catch,” said @rqg26310, defending his act of a petty crime. Of course, we can all relate to being in a hurry at the airport too.

Regardless of this hilarious occurrence, we sincerely hope that the raccoon is safe and, if he is caught, animal control will remove him humanely and put him in a better environment that’s more conducive for the animal. In the meantime, sanitize the packaging if you buy snacks at the Philadelphia Airport.