WATCH: Thirsty Snake Drains Entire Cup of Water in a Matter of Seconds

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Schöning/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

In this video, a python is seen drinking from a plastic cup. The snake uses its head as a straw and completely drains the entire cup in a matter of seconds.

The video posted to Instagram shows the reptile slurping down the water without a moment’s hesitation.

Plenty of people had reactions to the post, taking to the comments to share their thoughts. The clip can be seen below.

“Why was it so thirsty?” one person asked.

“My boy was dehydrated,” wrote another.

Another user seemed upset with the person who filmed the video, claiming to have incorrectly handled the situation.

“You don’t have to submerge a snake’s entire head to make them drink… Tf is this?” they wrote. “Their entire epidermis is water permeable and thus snakes can drink simply by bathing. Don’t do this, it’s unnecessary and cruel. Allow the snake to approach the water calmly.”

“Omg! I thought he was dead for a second,” one person said.

“Why is it so stiff and not drowning with its nose in the water?” another asked.

“Is your snake broken?” one person asked. A final user joked: “this is how I drink after ball practice.”

Snake Removed From Family’s Living Room Recliner Chair

An Australian reptile wrangler named Stuart McKenzie was called to a family home. They had a problem: a huge python was nestled inside their recliner chair in their house.

McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted a video to Facebook. The video shows what happened when he visited Palmwoods, Queensland, to investigate the snake.

McKenzie arrived to find a “rather large” carpet python. It had curled up into the bottom of a recliner chair. The man eventually removed the top of the chair to get the snake out.

“It took a while and was a delicate process but we were able to get the snake out eventually and relocate it back into the bush,” he wrote in the Facebook post.

Plenty of Facebook users took to the comments to remark on the viral video.

One user claims to have had a similar problem with her children’s snake in the past. “My Children’s python has gotten into my recliner twice! So hard to get him out! The warm wheat pack lured him out the second time.”

“Wow what an awkward place to try and retrieve a snake,” another user wrote.

“Um I think I will take a seat elsewhere!” another person joked.

One person remarked how Australia seems to be the home of many creatures like snakes. “No not going to Queensland sorry nah,” they said.

Dealing with the occasional python under the recliner is very much an Australian problem to have.