WATCH: This Big-Headed Turtle With a Shiny Head Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Ping Shu)

We all have a picture in our minds regarding what the average turtle looks like. Typically, when picturing one of these adorable-looking shelled animals we imagine an average box turtle. However, we also know that there are a variety of different types out there wandering the great outdoors. However, one Outsider Twitter post shares with us an adorable pic where a very unique and tiny big-headed turtle shows off its unique shiny head.

“I was today-years-old when I learned that Big-Headed Turtles are a thing,” notes a recent Twitter post on the Outsider page. The post includes a quick clip of a very unusual-looking shiny-headed turtle with a super long tail.

It’s a creature that almost brings to mind a Pokemon with its unique features including the head that is certainly larger than the average turtle. The clip is absolutely adorable, too, as the person holding the animal holds the turtle at a variety of different angles. And this adorable reptile doesn’t seem to mind this, either. At one point, the turtle looks to even be relaxed as it sits on the hand gripping tightly onto the fingers with its adorable little claws – front and back. This unique turtle appears to have zero issues with its human buddy as the clip continues. A very different temperament than a box turtle that was recently caught on tape, throwing the world’s most adorable temper tantrum.

This Box Turtle Isn’t Going To Let Up With Its Hilarious Temper Tantrum As It Head-Butts A Man’s Foot

A recent viral video shares the wild moment a turtle gets furious throwing a majorly adorable temper tantrum. The clip shows the animal advancing on the person filming the incident with impressive speed. It then stops and repeatedly strikes the person in the foot. Ramming the shoe as if making a demand to pass through.

Initially, the reptile tries to walk through the person’s feet. However, the animal soon learns this is not a possibility. This is when the hilariously adorable temper tantrum begins. The shelled animal begins head-butting the person’s shoes over and over again with the front of its hard shell.

The minute-long video shows that this turtle isn’t going to consider giving up anytime soon. The standoff continues throughout the clip. Even as the feet move, presumably to let the reptile pass. By then the turtle is so worked up that it decides to keep going with the tantrum. Even moving its body to again locate the shoes and continuing with the head-butting tantrum.