WATCH: This Chunky Bear Trying to Scratch Its Back Is Pure Comedy

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images)

We’ve all had that itch that we just can’t quite scratch. And, one hilarious video shows us the moment one adorably chunky bear found out exactly how to combat that itch. And we just cannot get enough of the clip.

As the Twitter video begins, we see a chunky bear sitting with all four paws on the ground and its jump pushed up toward a post. The bear looks content, for the most part. However, the furry creature is looking around as if it has something on its mind.

Then, in an instant, this adorably chunky bear is on its hind legs, back against the post scratching away. It’s an adorable little dance, too! Of course, it’s a series of moves that gets our minds thinking about some hilarious scenarios. Especially on a Saturday night! Just as the Outsider tweet notes in its hilarious caption.

“This is how most of yall look dancing in the bar,” the caption quips. “but we’re not ready for that conversation.”

Breaking Down the Hilarious Bear Video

The bear looks to be the happiest and chunkiest in the area as it wiggles its rump against the wooden post. The chunky animal looks to be in absolute bliss as it looks up at the sky savoring every moment of the scratch.

This particular back-scratch is clearly one of those oh-so-satisfying ones, too. Reaching nearly snout to rump. The bear’s entire body is pressed against the pole. All while the chunky animal wiggles left to right and up and down against the signpost. And, a closer look at the clip makes the hilarious moment even better…once we see the post this bear picked for the satisfying back-scratch.

At a few points in the clip, we can see the sign that sits atop the post the bear has chosen for the epic back scratch. And, it looks like it is made especially for this chunky animal. Well, this one and another wild animal.

We aren’t entirely sure where the video was filmed. However, the sign is highlighting a photo of a gray wolf and a black bear. This suggests this chunky back-scratcher is likely a resident at one of the country’s zoos or drive-through wild animal parks. Wherever this chunky scratcher resides, though, we are very glad this post is available to the bear. After all, we all deserve an epic back-scratch from time to time, right? And this particular back scratch looks to be pure bliss for the happy black bear.